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A Tehama Wedding | Anna & Sam

An Iconic Tehama Wedding

Anna and Sam’s iconic, intimate and timeless wedding at Tehama had an ambiance like no other. These two lovebirds were truly meant to be with one another and actually met in Kindergarten. Their families have known each other for YEARS and are so intertwined. You can see why it was so special for their families not only to get to see them grow up together but to finally see them get married! Read on to hear all about this beautiful wedding day!

Carmel Wedding Photographer

As a Carmel wedding photographer, I started the day with photographing Anna and her bridesmaids getting ready. She did a first look with her bridesmaids and finished getting ready with her mom and two sisters. Sam got ready with all his best friends and his father.

Tehama Wedding Photographer

This entire day was seamless, beautiful, and without a cloud in the sky. The Bride and Groom decided to do a first look, allowing time for a private moment to recite their vows to each other. Having a private moment together on their wedding day was priceless. They are so happy with their decision to do a first look because it allowed for them to essentially spend the whole day together.

This day was full of celebration with so much dancing and a lively party this stunning couple. A beautiful day where two friends who met in Kindergarten join together to spend the rest of their lives together. This Tehama wedding is one for the books!

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