This is a new journal to start adding over 10 years worth of work. I am excited to share my experiences and show off all of AGS Photo Art's amazing couples! Besides weddings and events, soon there will be a tips and tricks section that will have advice for both new brides and photographers. I look forward to sharing passion with you!



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Rachel Zee and I met at a Rising Tide Society meeting through a mutual photographer. I just moved from the East Coast when a friend introduced us. My first impression of her is that she was stunning inside and out. We both realized quickly how much we have in common: we have similar photography styles, […]

Steph and Kyla were the first couple I met when I originally moved to Monterey. Coming from the East Coast, I didn’t know anyone in the area. Meeting both of them was such a breath of fresh air! We initially planned a specific project, but when that didn’t work out we decided to do a […]

On the wedding day, a bride is ushered through each step of the day. There is so much for her to take in and experience! Typically there is an expectation for photographers to create editorial, classic, timeless looks as well as capture candid moments at a wedding. Bridal Portraits give both the photographer and bride […]

Sunset portraits tend to get a lot of attention, but sunrise portraits are some of my favorite types. There’s something magical about sunrise: a sleepy town is just beginning to wake up, downtown streets are quiet, and there are fewer people in tourist destinations. As a photographer I also value that the sun comes out […]

I have been photographing weddings and events for over ten years, and this is a list that I’d recommend to all novice wedding photographers. Photographing weddings can be very stressful. There’s a timeline to abide by, unforeseen circumstances that come up, and a long list of shots you want to get for each event. A […]

I met Jen and Bryan through one of my favorite planners, Robin Sevrina Events, and I am so happy I did! Jen and Bryan are the most cheerful and kind couple. We had a blast shooting their Big Sur Engagement Portraits. Their love is evident in every single photo! Jen and Bryan lived in Studio […]

Today we’re sharing a wedding family portrait checklist for our tips and tricks series. This is perfect for wedding photographers who get lost on wedding days since there are a million things happening. It’s also a perfect checklist for brides to give to their photographers as well! A General Note Prior to the ceremony, we […]

Erick and Katie’s wedding at the Park Savoy was a beautifully classic celebration. Both of them looked incredible, and every photograph expresses their love. Erick and I have known each other since we were children. There’s a picture at my aunt’s home that describes us perfectly: he’s giving people high fives as he walks down […]

Do you notice that some brides have those enchanting photos with their skin glowing? They basically look like perfection as the sun sets behind them. Most of those photos come from golden hour, which not every bride integrates into their timeline. Today, we’re talking about the reception timeline and how to prioritize sunset portraits so […]

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite couples! It is an honor photographing each couple’s precious moment, and even moreso for a couple who I’ve had the chance to do multiple milestone photoshoots with. Samantha and Zach chose me for their proposal, engagement session, wedding, and one year anniversary photoshoot! Having this […]

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