Perry House – Intimate wedding in Monterey CA

The more I photograph here in California, the more I am in love with all the venues here in Monterey.  The Perry House has been on my little list for a while now to photograph and boy did it not disappoint for the this intimate wedding  between Andrew and Sophia earlier this year.

Andrew is a hockey player for the Sharks, but he and Sophia used to work together. Andrew was smitten with her for a long time and it took him a long time to finally ask her out, but he finally did and they have been together ever since!

We did their engagement photos in the downtown part of Monterey at Cannery Row when I first moved here. They would visit Monterey for weekend trips and Monterey is one of their favorite spots. It’s their littler get away. We photographed all up and down Cannery row and ended at the beach, possibly even in the water!

Throughout my time working with them I have come to know both Sophia and Andrew as being so incredibly kind. They always stayed in contact with me, updated me on their wedding info and asked my advice about things for their big day. I love when bride and grooms as for help in making a timeline and helping them select certain things for their day.
When their wedding day finally arrived I was so looking forward to it because I have really come to enjoy these two, for a few reasons. Most importantly you can’t tell who’s in love with who more! Every time one of them looks at the other they both melt! Their first look was great. I had chills running up and down my arms! She surprised him by her amazing beauty! Their bridal party came to view and cheer them on. Sophia was so nervous that morning and wanted to make sure she looked absolutely perfect for Andrew.
The details and venue were perfect for them. Sophia had hand made hankies made for the girls with their initials on them. Her bouquet was of all metal brooches. She wore her mothers handmade hanky. OH and they had a choreographed dance!!!! She didn’t even tell me! It took us all by surprise!
The perry house is quaint and cute and very charming. It reminded me of back East souther charm home but with this amazing Monterey Bay in front. They wanted to have a venue that over looked Monterey and that’s exactly what they got. It was a perfect celebration for their intimate wedding in Monterey.
These two are absolutely best friends and I know their life together is going to be full of excitement and adventure! Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!


Venue: The Perry House – Monterey CA


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