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the ags couple

get to know

these two have been together for a long time. they know each other inside and out and can not imagine their life with out their bestfriend.


love grows stronger for these two as time goes by. It amazes them how love just keeps growing and they have so much love for one another. It's as if they first started dating, but better.

head over heels

I believe in opposite attract. these two are exactly that. one is more realistic and grounded, while the other is a dreamer and shows their partner what it's like up in the clouds.

the perfect fit

both come from strong, loving, supportive families. marriage matters to them. they look up to their parents and want to have that kind of love 50 years from now. family comes first with them and they wouldn't have it any other way. 

Family matters

this couple is kind, generous, loving and thoughtful. constant laughter and joy is on the daily. they have grace and are respectful. they believe they've met the person they're suppose to be with and are grateful everyday.

big hearts

this couple has a taste for adventure and travel. they want travel before the next step and love seeing new places and adventuring together, heck some are even dreaming about living over seas for a while. How fun!


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