This is a new journal to start adding over 10 years worth of work. I am excited to share my experiences and show off all of AGS Photo Art's amazing couples! Besides weddings and events, soon there will be a tips and tricks section that will have advice for both new brides and photographers. I look forward to sharing passion with you!



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It’s fall, which means everyone is looking for excuses to bundle under warm blankets and wear scarves out! Since fall is the prime time for family portrait sessions for those Christmas cards, we’re sharing our top tricks and tips for family portraits. Read on for more… What to Wear Traditionally, everyone wore the same outfit […]

A styling kit is a photographer’s best friend! It is a set of various props used to enhance product details. Each photographer will have different items in theirs, but today I’m sharing what I bring to my weddings. Styling kits are so important because it helps me create those beautiful flat lay images that capture […]

I have been photographing weddings and events for over ten years, and this is a list that I’d recommend to all novice wedding photographers. Photographing weddings can be very stressful. There’s a timeline to abide by, unforeseen circumstances that come up, and a long list of shots you want to get for each event. A […]

Do you notice that some brides have those enchanting photos with their skin glowing? They basically look like perfection as the sun sets behind them. Most of those photos come from golden hour, which not every bride integrates into their timeline. Today, we’re talking about the reception timeline and how to prioritize sunset portraits so […]

Flatlays are one of the most popular must have photographs from weddings. They are a collection of bridal or groom details which are photographed on a flat surface. Typically it includes the invitation suite, some pretty ribbons, and a couple of florals. The flatlays that AGS Photo Art loves to focus on not only showcase […]

Today I’m sharing five questions every bride should ask photographers. Photographers play a vital role in the wedding: they’ll be present at every single intimate moment of the wedding, you’ll spend hours communicating with them prior to the day, and they’ll be producing images for you to look back on for the rest of your […]

Your photographer can be your best asset! If you do not have a wedding planner, communicating with your photographer about your wedding timeline is critical. Your photographer will know how long it takes to photograph each section of your wedding day since they have the experience. Here are a few examples, if you’re curious… Consider […]

Have you ever wanted to know a local photographer’s favorite spots to photograph in Carmel-by-the-sea and Monterey area? Today I am sharing my top five favorite spots and what makes me love each one. Ribera Road (Carmel Meadows) One of my favorite spots is more hidden. Ribera Road is nestled in a residential area along […]

Photographers, do you ever see the space you’re shooting in and cringe because it’s a small space? Using the wrong lens can make your subject look distorted and I have made a couple of mistakes from my past experiences. Here are a couple of my tips and tricks for shooting in small spaces: Have a […]

This is the first of many series for photographer tutorials. Lighting is one of my favorite topics! So many people are afraid to talk about it or touch it, but below is a full checklist for you to use if you’re struggling with troubleshooting lighting. See below for all of my technical tips if your […]

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