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Stunning Paris Wedding Venues for Your Big Day

Eiffel Tower Wedding in Paris, France

I will be packing my bags for a Paris destination wedding next year! It is so exciting to explore a new country and take a love story across the world. We’ve rounded up the best places Paris wedding venues for our couples.

First, we answer the burning question: can an American get married in Paris? The answer is technically, but very unlikely. For our Paris destinations weddings, we are more likely to witness a symbolic ceremony in Paris. According to the France Consulate, “If you want to get married, then you, your partner or one of your parents needs to have lived in the town where you want to get married for at least 40 days before the ceremony.” 

Streets of Paris, France

As far as choosing a destination wedding photographer, it’s important to find someone who understands the added layers of traveling. When Molly and JJ called me to ask if I wanted to shoot their three-day destination wedding in North Lake Tahoe, I was so excited to say yes! As someone who has never been to Tahoe before, let me tell you something: the drive from Carmel, CA to Lake Tahoe going up the mountain was jaw-dropping. Those trees are spectacular! I am excited to adventure where your love story takes you!

1. Ritz Paris Hotel – Be Part of History

Is Paris a good place to get married? Many couples think so! The Ritz Paris, in particular, has seen the sights of the most infamous people. Such as Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, King Edward VII, and the couturier Coco Chanel, who made the Ritz her home for more than thirty years. Many of the suites in the hotel are named after their famous patrons. Hemingway once said, “When in Paris the only reason not to stay at the Ritz is if you can’t afford it”.

When it comes to hosting a once in a lifetime event in the very heart of the City of Lights, the Ritz Paris has you covered. As one of the most popular Paris wedding venues, it hosts events from intimate weddings to lavish ceremonies. It is also one of the 25 Impossibly Romantic Parisian Wedding Venues!

Paris Wedding Venues: Ritz Ceremony and Reception Options

Salon d’Eté

Their brightest space inspires a feel of summery optimism. Have a sunshine-filled wedding; your guests will love walking out on the terrace. The large windows and glass atrium creates a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

Ceremony Guests: 96

Reception Guests: 100

Salon Psyché

Great for smaller weddings, Salon Psyché is an intimate experience. It is recognized as a Historic Monument which adds a unique touch. Choose this space and your guests will marvel at the stunning Aubusson tapestry, detailed woodwork, and golden sculptures.

Ceremony Guests: 60

Reception Guests: 60

Grand Jardin

The Grand Jardin at Ritz Paris becomes your private city-centre oasis. Guests can wander through clusters of white flowers and magnolias, uncovering hidden nooks nestled within the hedges. Add flowers to your Ritz Paris wedding with Floraison Paris! They have created many wedding florals at Ritz Paris before and their wedding arches are second to none.

Ceremony Guests: 120

Reception Guests: 400

2. Shangri-La Paris – Eiffel Tower Views

When in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must see. Book your wedding at the Shangri-La Paris where you and your guests can marvel at the tower all evening. This is one of the most amazing Paris wedding venues and will truly take your breath away.

The Grand Salon

Decorated in Louis XIV style and with a view on the avenue d’Iena, this salon is perfect for a luxury wedding. It features a white marble fireplace, decorated with bronze and a trumeau mirror. The two gilded wooden consoles covered with marble and the crystal chandeliers are original. This salon is undoubtedly the heart of the Bonaparte and Shangri-La Paris receptions.

Ceremony Guests: 130

Reception Guests: 120

The Salon de Famille

Step into the Salon de Famille and enjoy a view of the avenue d’Iena. The Salon de Famille is decorated according to empire style. Its paneled walls are painted with winged women around a medallion. The ceiling features a circle of sphinxes and plants. See luxury like never before!

Ceremony Guests: 40

Reception Guests: 84

More Reception and Ceremony Choices at Shangri-La Paris

The Salle à Manger

On the other side of the hotel, Salle à Manger features a view of the avenue d’Iena. It’s a history buff’s dream. This space is devoted to the glory of the emperor, featuring mahogany carvings of battle arms and military trophies. The salon doors and windows open onto an expansive terrace. The two massive eagle statues, with spread wings, are a statement piece like no other.

Ceremony Guests: 90

Reception Guests: 97

The Eiffel Terrace 

At Shangri-La Paris, the Historical Ballrooms open onto the Eiffel Terrace. This unique terrace offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower, sure to dazzle you and your guests. This is a shared space that can be reserved when the Historical Ballrooms are fully privatized.

The Salon Roland Bonaparte

Located on a quiet Parisian street, this choice is spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The large stone archways are cut from the former stables of Prince Roland Bonaparte. Large bay windows provide light to your ceremony. 

Ceremony Guests: 220

Reception Guests: 220

3. Hôtel Plaza Athénée for a Timeless Love

Celebrate your love in timeless style at the most Haute Couture address in Paris. Hôtel Plaza Athénée boasts Michelin-starred dining and an onsite spa to pamper you and your guests. A true Paris destination wedding experience awaits you!

Le Salon Haute Couture – The Oasis 

This space is where beauty and style collide. Dine beneath the chandeliers in this majestic ballroom where elegance and grandeur are woven into any event from a gala dinner to a spectacular wedding. This is the place of Pinterest dreams!

Guests: 180

Le Salon Organza – Poetic Lightness

Le Salon Organza is a classically opulent room. Look out over the beautiful courtyard and let the red canopies draw your eye up to the gorgeous Paris sky.

Guests: 80

Le Salon Creation A & B

These two elegant connecting rooms have natural daylight and include state of the art technology. Bring your vision alive by including special touches to your wedding reception. 

Guests: 65

4. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris – 8 Space Options!

Step outside and exchange your vows in the open-air Cour de Marbre! Feast on brand-new creations from the kitchens of their Michelin-starred chefs. Stage iconic portraits on the dramatic white marble staircase. Dance until dawn, then watch the sun come up over Paris from the private balcony of your newly renovated suite. This is your luxury wedding at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris!

Salon Napoléon

Natural light is filtered through floor-to-ceiling windows illuminates the exquisite wood paneling of the elegant Salon Napoléon. With courtyard access and adjacent reception areas, there are many options for your dream ceremony and reception. 

Ceremony Guests: 45

Reception Guests: 70

Salon Louis XIII

The regal Salon Louis XIII, with its 18th-century Aubusson tapestry and a fireplace, is the kind of room designed to impress.

Ceremony Guests: 60

Reception Guests: 70

Salon Régence

The Salon Régence, a uniquely beautiful octagonal room, is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Ceremony Guests: 20

Reception Guests: 20

Grand Foyer

Completely renovated by Pierre-Yves Rochon, The Grand Foyer opens into an elegant outdoor courtyard that can be fully privatized and furnished to suit any requirements – a unique feature in Paris.

Ceremony Guests: 30

Reception Guests: 80

Salon Elysée

High-level meetings and intimate events are hosted in the Salon Elysée, which provides a welcome event space for arriving guests.

Ceremony Guests: 20

Reception Guests: 20

Paris Wedding Venues – Spaces for Larger Celebrations

Salon Vendôme

The stunning Salon Vendôme is the hotel’s ballroom. A bright ceiling and gold leaf architectural details add elegance, while adjacent breakout and pre-function rooms. Such as, space for greeting guests and drink receptions.

Ceremony Guests: 400

Reception Guests: 450

Foyer Vendôme (Salon Auteuil)

Enter the Foyer Vendôme via the magnificent white staircase, ending in a richly decorated space with access to the ballroom. Greet your guests here and host your reception! You may also use the room as an official entrance for your one of a kind wedding.

Ceremony Guests: 160

Reception Guests: 200

Salon Chantilly

The authentically art-deco Salon Chantilly features incredible mahogany panels, old paintings and objets d’art guaranteed to impress.

Ceremony Guests: 140

Reception Guests: 100

5. Le Grand Bleu

For a unique wedding experience, have your guests join you for a cruise reception. Make the most out of a Paris destination wedding by sailing around the most romantic city in the world on the seine – Le Grand Bleu.

Le Grand Bleu

This sailing boat, with its bay windows all along its length, allows you to enjoy an exceptional view on the monuments of Paris.

The Grand Bleu barge offers an ideal venue for your wedding reception. The space dedicated to your event is fully modular and adapts to your desires! The barge welcomes up to 120 people in seated meals and up to 150 for cocktail reception. To make your magical evening aboard the Grand Bleu boat, you have a wide choice of personalized decoration and thematic animations, as well as optional Hi-Fi/video equipment.

The Grand Bleu offers you a wide range of catering with choices:

  • World Buffet (Creole, Oriental, Italian, Provençal, Asian, Indian etc…..)
  • Vegetarian
  • Bio
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Whatever your expectations, their catering service makes its dishes in an artisanal way.

Le Diamant Bleu Boat for your Paris Wedding Venue

Le Diamant Bleu

More than 70 meters long and 10+ meters wide, this river jewel, launched in 2014, will bring a touch of modernity and prestige to your wedding reception.

Specially built for events, the Diamant Bleu has a large modern room. Including, 34 bay windows offering a panoramic view on Paris’ beauty. For your reception, you will enjoy its flexible space and its great acoustics!

The Diamant bleu provides you with a wonderful teak terrace (half-covered). Pop the champagne underneath the stars!

If you are looking for Paris wedding venues and planning your own Paris destination wedding, let’s connect. I capture weddings worldwide and your wedding is an experience that deserves to be documented to cherish forever. For every destination plan on adding a wedding album for you and your generations to come!

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