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Wedding Questionnaire: 5 Questions I Ask My Couples

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So after popping the big question of “will you marry me?”, you and your partner are forging ahead towards this new chapter of your lives! As a wedding photographer, I’m overjoyed with the honor of being chosen to capture my couples’ authentic, timeless, and romantic love stories. Wedding questionnaires are a staple of AGS because the dynamic between me and my couples is the foundation for everything both behind and in front of the camera.

After I’ve been booked, I love sending out wedding questionnaires to get to know you and your partner. I want to know where you’re at! What’s your story? Where are you from? 

When it comes to wedding photography, I wholeheartedly believe that it’s important to ask your couples a mix of both general and personal questions. This is because, while of course it’s important to have the facts and logistics, this also gauges how well the three of you will gel together! Getting to know your couples AND your couples getting to know you are laying very important groundwork for before, during, and even after the big day!

Often, a wedding questionnaire is an underlooked but incredibly valuable tool in the grand scheme of things. It’s important that YOU, the photographer, have a questionnaire ready, and it’s equally important that YOU, the couple, receive a questionnaire to fill out! Like I said, getting to know your couples AND your couples getting to know you are going to make your time together that much sweeter and smoother!

With that in mind, here are five questions I ask my couples in my wedding questionnaire!

  1. What’s your love language?

It goes without saying that communication is key in any relationship, so of course, I like to ask my couples what their love language is! How do they express their love to one another? How do they like to receive love?

Maybe it’s bringing home dinner from your favorite place after work. Or a long, comforting hug after a hard day. It could be seeing or making something that made you think of them, and the look on their face when you surprise them with it! Or even thoughtful praise that uplifts them!

There are five love languages in general, although there’s an infinite number of ways you can express love to someone! One is gift giving, another is acts of service, then quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation (I’m big on acts of service myself and quality time myself, both in giving and receiving!).

Hearing how my couples’ love languages come out to play with one another makes my heart happy! It shows on camera every time and in every picture. Isn’t that lovely?

  1. What music are you into?

Music totally sets the tone and vibe for any and every space! After all, who wants to stand around in silence during portrait sessions? What songs make you two want to get up and dance? What’s your carpool karaoke playlist look like?

I love playing music during sessions with my couples- whether it’s classical, or hip hop, or anything else in between! Whatever the genre, music adds an element of play and lightheartedness that makes the whole getting-in-front-of-the-camera thing less scary for my camera-shy couples. And of course, for my couples who LOVE the camera, even more so!

I find that music can really work wonders for directing couples in a way that’s organic and natural. At that point, I don’t even need to give any advice or guidance! Little dances together, be they goofy or romantic, will always make for wonderful photos!

And of course, I’m always taking music recommendations 🙂 I like to think of songs as little pieces of my couples that I can queue up and go back to later on!

  1. If You Two Were Stranded On An Island, What Are The Top 3 Things You Would Bring? 

I’ll tell you a secret: this question has nothing to do with your big day- even if it is happening on an island. It’s just fun to think about!

I like asking my couples this question to pick their brains a little. How do they think and what do they think about? Who’s the more pragmatic one, picking things like matchsticks, a fishing net, and a raft? Who’s looking at it more whimsically? “As long as I have the love of my life, a good book, a hammock, and sunscreen, I’m a-okay!”

Or maybe the two of you are on the same wavelength and you’re both thinking about it the same way! No matter how you slice it, this is a fun question to ask in your wedding questionnaire. AGS is all about business AND play!

  1. What do you love most about your partner? 

This is definitely my favorite question! What makes you smile when you think of them? What’s your favorite thing about them? 

I love including my couples’ responses to these in the journal entries! Sure, I can photograph your love story and write about it, but when it comes to expressing that sweet and sentimental love between the two of you- who could do that better than you and your partner?

You can never go wrong with telling your partner what you love about them. I think this question really lends itself well, especially to those of us whose love language is words of affirmation! It’s building each other up that keeps the foundation strong. Reading my couples’ answers to this question in their wedding questionnaire is so good and wholesome! 

  1. Favorite Drinks & Snacks?

Undoubtedly an important question, don’t you think? There’s nothing quite like the joy I feel when I hear “as soon as I read that you like champagne and chocolate chip cookies, I knew I had to book with you!”. 

Wedding photography is hard work, and it builds an appetite whether you’re the photographer or the couple! I like to ask this question so I know what kinds of goodies we all like and have them handy when we need a snack break. No sense trying to make memories without some munchies at the ready!

  1. BONUS QUESTION: The Story Behind The Ring 

A bonus question! I love knowing the story behind the ring. What memories rise up when you look at it? Wedding rings are already so symbolic already, and I want to know what it means to you!

Maybe it’s been passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, full of rich love stories and deep connections. Maybe it’s a lab-grown diamond! Those are so cool to me as a more sustainable alternative to the traditional mined gemstone. 

This is a great question to ask your couples because there’s a story to be told in every wedding ring before it slides onto your finger. And once it does, it carries the new memories you and your partner create together. I think that’s wonderful! 

That wraps us up, friends. My SIX questions I ask my couples in my wedding questionnaire! I would love to know your answers and incorporate them into the journal. If that sounds peachy keen to you, here’s my contact! Let’s get in touch!

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