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Big Sur Engagement Portraits: Jen & Bryan

couple staring into each other's eyes while standing on a rocky cliff by the sea

I met Jen and Bryan through one of my favorite planners, Robin Sevrina Events, and I am so happy I did because it meant I got the joy and honor of being their Big Sur engagement photographer! Jen and Bryan are the most cheerful and kind couple. We had a blast shooting their Big Sur Engagement Portraits. Their love is evident in every single photo!

couple touching their noses together and smiling
couple holding on another in a grassy field with trees in the background

Jen and Bryan lived in Studio City in Los Angeles, so we decided to meet over Facetime. They were both very clear on what they wanted: the Big Sur, California coastline, and photos that highlight their happiness. I affirmed that, as a local Big Sur photographer, I know a lot of great locations for them and could think of perfect spots! It was so exciting when they chose to book with me.

close up of couple portrait with ring details in pink flowers

A lot of photographers may struggle with a couple that has a difference in height. This was also a concern for my couple, but we were able to find so many great angles and poses that do not draw the eye to their height difference! Personally, I think height differences in couples is just precious! I would never let it spoil a lovely portrait!

height difference couple on a rocky stairway with rolling green hills and the ocean in the background
couple portraits on a bridge

Engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity for me as an engagement photographer to get to know my couples. I learn their body language, the way they interact, and what makes them laugh. So many of these images came from Jen and Bryan being themselves and having fun, and it made being their Big Sur engagement photographer all the more fun too!

portaits of the couple holding one another in their arms
couple walking down the street holding hands

One thing I believe about all couples that each one has a signature pose. It’s as if both of them are puzzle pieces that find ways to “fit” to create their unique signature pose. Of course, Jen and Bryan have theirs too! It’s my job as an engagement photographer to help couples find this pose, and once we know it, we can utilize it throughout their engagement session and wedding day!

couple with their arms around one another in a green field
couple kissing surrounded by green plants with the ocean and hills behind them

I loved shooting Jen and Bryan’s Big Sur Engagement Portraits! They were such a joy and I continue to return to their images!

portrait of couple standing on a pathway with plants around them and the sea in the background
couple twirling together surrounded by plants
couple looking out at the sea in each other's arms

Would you like a local Big Sur photographer to photograph your portraits? Contact me here!

couple walking along the cliffside lined with yellow flowers on one side and rolling blue ocean waves on the other side

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