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Carmel By the Sea California Sunset Surprise Proposal

A Carmel sunset surprise proposal is gorgeous in and of itself. Even more so when you have family roots and those lovely deep sentimentalities woven into that Carmel sunset surprise proposal! Collin contacted me with all these things in mind and was certain that THIS was the place he was going to propose to his lovely Taylor. He couldn’t have picked a better spot! You GO, Collin!

sunset surprise proposal Carmel By the Sea with Film Photographer AGS Photo Art

Taylor’s family has a special connection to Pebble Beach. Her grandparents used to have a place there. Not only that but her parents spend their anniversaries there every year. Truly a timeless place with a lot of great history. A perfect setting for a perfect day! It’s so incredible to know that the legacy will continue with Taylor and Collin.

Carmel By the Sea California Film images by AGS Photo Art

How They Met

“We knew of each other from friends and family for about four years, and then one day I saw her at the gym (knew she was single at this point in time) asked her out on a date and we’ve been together since. Carmel by the sea and Pebble Beach are some of Taylor’s favorite places on Earth. She grew up going there and when we started dating she brought me there for the first time, I fell in love with the place.” – Collin

And they’re 7 years strong! I’m always so enamored by couples with a long history, all the memories and time together make photographing one more, really special moment SUCH a pleasure.

The decision and planning that go into a surprise proposal can be nerve-wracking. Collin really put a lot of time, energy, and thoughts into everything, especially the ring. He had it ready to go for a few months before proposing. The princess cut and the diamond band- gorgeous! Its box is from a local jewelry store in Chico, which is where Collin and Taylor are from. That’s over 200 miles away from Carmel! The distance just makes the sentimentality of it all that much more special.

Featured surprise proposal on How they Asked photographed by Film Photographer AGS Photo Art

Coast To Cove

I can still smell the salty sea breeze when I look at these photos. We had the most perfect sunset angle which made for amazing silhouettes and portraits of the two of them. With the wind in their hair, their playful laughter, and the rolling waves, everything came together so wonderfully. It really made capturing the romance and emotion of the day that much more extraordinary- you can see it in their smiles!

And with Taylor having graduated nursing school as well, there’s a LOT to celebrate here! A huge round of applause and a heartfelt congratulations to you, girl- it was a joy to be part of your surprise proposal! Because of this session, I know there are going to be more lovely things traveling your way within this place to fill up the history book. Not to mention the photo album!

Did you know this proposal is published on How they Asked?! Looking to plan a surprise proposal? Contact me here! I am happy to photograph a special moment in your lives!

sunset surprise proposal on Carmel by the Sea Beach with Film Photographer AGS Photo Art
sunburn couple with diamond ring engagement on Carmel California Beach
Carmel ca surprise proposal with AGS Photo Art
carmel ca engagement photos
surprise proposal Carmel CA sunset
black and white image of a couple laughing on Carmel Beach after a surprise proposal
adventurous couple Carmel CA surprise proposal with AGS Photo Art
couples session on Carmel Beach CA
sun drenched couple on Carmel Beach proposal images by AGS Photo Art

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  1. Alexis says:

    What a beautiful proposal! Are you taking on more clients for proposals?

  2. Heather says:

    Oh! These are so lovely! Great captures and such genuine emotion displayed!!!

  3. Kristin says:

    So cute!! You can totally feel their love and excitement in these photos! Also love this Carmel Beach spot. What a gorgeous and private place for a proposal!

  4. Kate says:

    Sooo beautiful. I absolutely love this Carmel location! What a perfect spot for a proposal.

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