This is a new journal to start adding over 10 years worth of work. I am excited to share my experiences and show off all of AGS Photo Art's amazing couples! Besides weddings and events, soon there will be a tips and tricks section that will have advice for both new brides and photographers. I look forward to sharing passion with you!



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One of the upcoming trends for 2020 are bridal portraits. You may see sneak peeks of it now: couples choosing to do bridal portraits before or after the wedding inside a photographer’s studio. Some are even choosing to have on-site portraits done with extensive backdrops! We’re so excited about this movement because it offers an […]

When I travel, I want to make sure I have exactly the travel photography gear I need and nothing extra. My two goals are to travel light and travel efficiently! This post covers the travel gear that I can’t travel without. I cover my favorite camera bag, the bare bones of what is in my […]

Now that you guys have gotten to know me better and heard about my journey with cancer (see here), I want to invite you to a local fundraiser in Carmel Valley, California that I am hosting! I am teaming up with Cyclebar Carmel Rancho this Sunday, May 26, for an Ocular Melanoma fundraiser. Cyclebar Carmel […]

I’ve been opening up about my Ocular Melanoma cancer experience (see here and here), and wanted to finish this series by talking about some basic facts about the disease and helping you know the warning signs. Ocular Melanoma Facts Here’s a snippet from the OMF website: Ocular melanoma is the most common primary cancer of […]

It’s been impossible for me to separate a cancer diagnosis from fear. Between moving from coast to coast (and then back again), appointments, surgery, risks, and medications- how could I not get scared? These were my three main fears that I revisited time and time again throughout my experience: The Fear of Not Photographing, Again […]

Trauma was never meant to be experienced alone. There are so many possible emotional, mental, and physical ways to spiral; it’s easy to lost hope. Having friends and family hold your hand through each step of the way is critical. My support system helped me see that the glass was half full and not half […]

Supporting women owned small businesses is a core value of AGS Photo Art. I would not be where I am without women who chose to mentor me, women who chose to support me, and women who encouraged me. Because I had this incredible support system growing up, I was able to pursue photography full time. […]

Hi, My name is Amandarose, a thirty year old that’s following her dreams. I am a photographer, and I was diagnosed with eye cancer at 26 years old. I was diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma, which is a form of ocular melanoma, but it’s all a fancy way of saying that there was a tumor in […]

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