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An Elegant Wedding in Paso Robles | Lizzy and Brian

An Elegant Wedding in Paso Robles

Wedding dress hangs on display on cathedral doors in Paso Robles. Photos by AGS Photo Art

This gorgeous wedding in Paso Robles took place at Tooth & Nail Winery, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye could see. Paso Robles is known as the wine country of the region. With its small-town charm, warm Mediterranean climate, and rich agricultural heritage, it provides the perfect setting for couples seeking a combination of rustic charm and modern luxury.

Located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this area is best known for its wineries, many of which boast award winning wines and exquisite tasting rooms. Imagine saying “I do” against a backdrop of lush grapevines in the golden sunlight—a truly magical setting for the beginning of a lifetime together!

Elegant and Timeless

We asked Lizzy what she was hoping her wedding day album would look like. She said her vision for her wedding in Paso Robles was timeless and elegant, and she hit the nail on the head!

Getting Ready!

Detail shots by wedding photographer AGS Photo Art
Detail shots by wedding photographer AGS Photo Art
Detail shots by AGS Photo Art

This wedding in Paso Robles took the cake for the all-around classiest feel and environment. I knew as I was photographing that it would be one for the books!

The Girls

Bride and her bridesmaids in Paso Robles
Portrait of bride with her mother, photography by AGS Photo Art
Bride getting ready for her wedding in Paso Robles, photos by AGS Photo Art

Lizzy’s bridesmaids wore the most gorgeous, silky champagne gowns. This was so cute – Lizzy had them cover their eyes and do a first look with her! They were so floored at how beautiful Lizzy was, and tears were shed! Lizzy definitely looked like a princess in a castle. When it came time for her mom to place earrings on her daughter, it was plain to see how close the two are.

The DRESS though! It’s from Isabella Bridal and we are OBSSESSED with its princess feel.

The Guys

Detail shots by wedding photographer AGS Photo Art
Groomsmen all come together for a toast

Brian and his groomsmen were clad in all black, looking as dapper as ever! They threw on some matching shades and goofed around, laughing. One of them had the idea to pick up Brian and carry him by his side! They each opened a bottle of 805, a world-renowned beer made locally in Paso Robles and named after their area code.

Lizzy and Brian’s First Look!

Bride and groom's first look

It was so sweet seeing the pure joy and excitement on Lizzy and Brian’s faces. I could tell this moment was the pinnacle of their day so far, and it would only get better going forward! Off we went to capture some gorgeous portraits. I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot both digital and film photography.

I captured each moment I could between the bride and groom. When it came time to show them their gallery, they were so happy to have both options. Not only did they have the crystal clear, top quality imagery I shot with my digital cameras, but they also had the nostalgic and timeless feel that only film brings. I have been shooting film since I started my business over 15 years ago!

The Wedding Party

Wedding party shots by AGS Photo Art
Close up shot of Groom's broach, by AGS Photo Art

For this wedding in Paso Robles, there were a total of TWELVE bridesmaids and groomsmen! Six and six. Even with large wedding parties, my team and I always make sure every face is seen! What better way to do that than by having a wedding album? It’s what we at AGS Photo Art specialize in and believe in wholeheartedly. We do all the hard work for you! Read our blog about wedding album design to learn more.

Here comes the bride…

The entire ceremony was so picturesque. The courtyard resembled that of a castle with its arched doors and medieval-style architecture. Gorgeous white and blush florals arranged by In Full Bloom by Lexi Lupton adorned the aisle and podium. Clear, blue skies were above as the sun shone brilliantly over the lush, green vineyards. The ceremony itself was unplugged. When guests are not on their phones, they are more present, engaging in conversation, smiling, and more aware of others around them. Overall, it makes for more photogenic moments and a better experience for everyone involved.

It was the bride’s time to shine! As gorgeous as ever, all eyes turned to Lizzy as she walked down the aisle. As soon as she joined her husband-to-be at the podium, the two were already giggling in genuine joy.

Exchanging Vows

It was plain to see just how smitten the two were. Lizzy and Brian kept making each other laugh as they read their vows—a sign of a long, happy marriage to come! As they said “I do” and kissed, off they went down the aisle hand-in-hand, bouquet in the air.


It wouldn’t be a wedding in Paso Robles without the wine! Each table had a bottle of Destinata, Rose of Granache Paso Robles. Amidst heartfelt toasts and lively conversations, the guests and wedding party thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was hard not to! The blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and heartfelt moments created an ambiance that transcended time, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate to witness it. 

Sunset Portraits

These golden hour portraits came out SO beautifully, if we do say so ourselves! It was adorable when Brian got down on one knee and kissed Lizzy’s hand, ever the gentleman. It was truly a prince and princess moment! The two danced in the vineyards and walked hand in hand until it came time to re-join their guests for the afterparty! Lizzy smartly changed into a pair of white Crocs, and we don’t blame her!

A night to remember

The macaroons and wedding cake by Pardon My French Bakery looked so enticing, and the evening itself was such a blast for all attendees. The bridesmaids and groomsmen danced into the reception together by pairs and totally set the tone for the rest of the night!

And a day to look back on forever!

From the get-go, Lizzy and Brian let me know their intentions with their wedding photos were to frame several to hang on a wall in their home. Their biggest goal was for every photo they love to live in a wedding album. My couples choose me for this reason! I believe that my job isn’t truly finished until you have your photos physically in your hands. After all, what good are they sitting deep in your phone, collecting digital dust?! The whole point is to see, cherish, and protect these images. In this day and age, online storage is so unreliable. I see too many instances where precious photos are lost forever. From designing albums to helping you choose where to hang your prints in hand-picked frames, I’m there.

Inspired yet?

Inspired yet? We can’t blame you! Contact us here to make your dream wedding a reality.

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