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Luxury Big Sur Elopement | Megan & Trae

groom twirling his bride on their Big Sur elopement day on the sandy cliffs with the beach behind them by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Megan and Trae are from Georgia and came all the way here to California for their special day, that is, their misty-day elopement on the Big Sur cliffline! Definitely one of my favorite shoots because of how naturally lovely and organic it all was. Everything was SUCH a delight to capture. I’m so happy to have been their local Big Sur elopement photographer! From portrait sessions on some really fun hiking trails in the woods, to dinner in downtown Carmel- and of course, their elopement!

Getting Ready For Their Misty Elopement

These two got ready for their elopement in Big Sur at the Tickled Pink Inn. It’s a super enchanting luxury hotel in Carmel Highlands that overlooks the Big Sur coastline. Very romantic and pretty! No wonder it’s rated one of the best hotels in the area. You can overlook the picturesque coastline along Highway 1 from your window! It really added that background lux element to Megan and Trae’s getting ready photos that I’m all about as a Big Sur elopement photographer. I especially loved Megan’s dress!

elopement portraits of the bride and groom on a sandy pathway up the rocky Big Sur, CA cliffs by film photographer AGS Photo Art
bride and groom in each other's arms as they smile at one another
bride and groom sharing a kiss on their Big Sur, CA elopement day as they stand on a sandy pathway leading along the cliffside where you can see the ocean in the background

Playtime In A White Dress

solo portraits of the bride and groom; the bride in a white gown with a white bouquet, the groom in a light gray suit and tie with a white flower boutonière by film photographer AGS Photo Art

While it can be tricky at times to “act natural” when you know a camera is on you, that was never an issue for Megan and Trae. Being together with the one you love and truly enjoying your time together will always shine through gorgeously in photographs. That’s my Big Sur elopement photographer promise! I’m honored to have my couples’ trust.

bride adjusting her groom's tie; they stand in a sandy pathway leading to misty Big Sur, CA mountains; a close up of the bride's white bouquet as well as her white diamond wedding ring by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Understandably so, Megan didn’t wanna get her dress too dirty but as she started having more fun, she was as carefree as can be and embracing it wholeheartedly! After all, what’s a little dirt, y’know? Capturing her and Trae running through the sand and smiling, it was all very organic and sweet! A memory I smile thinking back on was when we were adventuring through some forest trails. The path became narrow and Trae sprung into action guiding Megan through so she wouldn’t fall over- but then he ended up falling over himself! Silly occurences like these always fill me up.

elopement portrait of the bride and groom at the foot of a large mountain cliff on the beach of Big Sur, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art
barefoot bride in the sand with her groom by film photographer AGS Photo Art

The Big Sur Elopement Finale

photograph of the bride and groom on the green and white sandy cliffs of Big Sur, CA for their elopement
bride and groom at the foot of a large rock cliff, the bride holds her groom's cheek in one hand gently and they smile at each other; in the next portrait, they're hand in hand slow dancing by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Once we got to the prime real estate for their Big Sur sunset elopement, it felt truly full-circle and really wholesome. Their officiant to this new chapter in the love story was the amazing Brian Borgia. He’s done great work for 10+ years presiding over wedding ceremonies. And Megan’s flowers were by Fionna Floral! You can always count on Sara and Jenny, the lovely ladies behind the brand, to arrange a gorgeous and personalized bouquet for your elopement.

Big Sur, CA Elopement ceremony portraits with bride and groom's officiant in the background by film photographer AGS Photo Art
elopement couple portrait with the bride and groom's officiant in Big Sur, CA
the bride and groom donning their Big Sur elopement wedding rings by film photographer AGS Photo Art
bride and groom smiling at one another with their Big Sur elopement officiant in the background by film photographer AGS Photo Art
bride and groom and their officiant on the day of their Big Sur, CA elopement; a photo of the three of them smiling at the camera all wearing masks by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Are you looking for an elopement photographer? You’ve found her! I’m your gal for all things Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey. And beyond too! I’m also a destination photographer- contact me here.

Big Sur, CA elopement portrait of the bride and groom standing in a green field with misty mountains in the background by film photographer AGS Photo Art

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