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Intimate Monterey Elopement | Tyonna & Anthony

As a local Monterey wedding photographer, I know that planning your big day is no easy feat- but Tyonna and Anthony’s intimate Monterey elopement was such a joyous occasion, and it was my privilege to get to work alongside this lovely couple!

first dance at the Club at Pasadera in the courtyard

They reached out to me in the midst of this difficult season, their August wedding in San Diego being pushed back. Rather than let it drag them down though, they persevered and as a token to the time, they’re spending in Monterey, decided to elope here!

backyard boho intimate wedding oak trees
boho ceremony backyard inspired wedding in Monterey California

Their Love Story

intimate boho backyard wedding hand painted backdrops with bride and groom

“We met in 2005 at a house party when Tyonna was visiting her parents in Washington for winter break (she was attending college at The University of San Diego) and Anthony was stationed at Fort Lewis... dated for about nine months (long-distance) then Anthony had to leave for a year-long tour in Iraq. We broke up but remained friends for the majority of the deployment but grew apart and decided to part ways…

Both of us had two children with our former spouses, girls who are twelve and boys who are 10 with birthdays within months of each other… It started with messages, then text messages, then finally FaceTime. At the time Tyonna lived in Monterey and Anthony was in Atlanta.

For eleven months we spoke on the phone every day and saw each other at least once a month. Anthony moved out to Monterey November 2017 and proposed April 23, 2019.” – Tyonna & Anthony

bride and groom portraits backyard boho inspired wedding
boho inspired intimate wedding in Monterey California by film photographer AGS Photo Art

These two have been through it all both together and apart! When we were planning their elopement at The Cottage, Tyonna admitted that they’d lost their spark of excitement towards their wedding, but we have excitement to spare here folks! Everyone deserves to feel overjoyed and exhilarated about their special day!

The Proposal

intiamte wedding portraits at the Club at Pasadera sunset portraits

“We went ring shopping and one day, in the privacy of our own bedroom, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was intimate and perfect for me.” – Tyonna

I just ADORED learning this about them! Of course, a big grand wedding production is wonderful, but there is just as much emotion and romance in intimacy too. These two are a powerhouse couple and I admire their strength and dedication so much.

backyard boho wedding in Monterey California by film photographer AGS Photo Art
intimate boho backyard wedding ceremony bride and groom say I do

Two Families Coming Together

Tyonna and Anthony decided to hold a beautiful ceremony, performed by Tyonna’s dad, in the comfort and privacy of their backyard. Anthony’s mom also flew in for the momentous occasion. Overall, this intimate Monterey elopement was truly a heartfelt ceremony commemorating their life together not only as newlyweds but for their families as well becoming one.

two families become one during an intimate wedding in Monterey by film photographer AGS Photo Art

The ceremony sported a sweet bohemian theme with detailed lace backdrops, rustic tree branches, and hanging candles. All done with Tyonna’s hard work and personal touches! The two of them really put their heart and soul into everything they do together. This intimate wedding is no exception!

Photography & Venues

We had a short photography session at The Club At Pasadera in Monterey, right down the street from The Cottage. The plan was to hold the shoot on the Monterey coastline. However, the fogginess deterred us as Tyonna and Anthony insisted on having the beautiful California sunshine in their photos.

bride and groom individual portraits by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I can’t stress enough that having a solid backup plan is a MUST in the wedding industry. We are very grateful to the Club of Pasadera for being so accommodating and understanding of COVID couples’ struggles. As a local Monterey photographer, having these local connections is vital to the job,

intimate wedding in Monterey at the Club of Pasadera bride and groom laughing

Despite the challenges they faced, Tyonna and Anthony didn’t let them put a damper on their moods during the session. Just like a couple in the beginning stages of dating, they were aglow and giddy were with each other!

Club at Pasadera couples portraits in front of fountain
intimate wedding in Monterey at the Club at Pasadera bride and groom laughing

I hope their story inspires excitement and determination towards your big day! Contact me here and we can make that dream a reality!

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  1. Shannon says:

    These are all gorgeous!

  2. Flora says:

    Absolutely beautiful images and moments!!! Incredible intimate wedding in monterey.

  3. Summer says:

    What a lovely couple- these are such gorgeous photographs! I love the one with the fountain water in the background!

  4. Audrey says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I loved how a familiar space like the backyard can be turned into such an intimate and special setting. I agree that it’s always good to have backup wedding plans! I am sure with Anthony’s military background, he was prepared with a contingency plan, haha! Anyways, lovely photography and a wonderful job capturing the strength and spark of their relationship, so cute!

  5. Sofia says:

    The pictures are mesmerizing !! And such beautiful couple as well

  6. These photos, this couple and this location are amazing! Great job!!!

    • Thank you! We had to have a back up just in case. The Club at Pasadera has been amazing to me and really understand what couples are facing these days. They’ve been an absolute joy to work with!

  7. Heather says:

    Love the photos! They look so happy together!

    • They were!! You could tell that they light each other up! And what was even more beautiful is that they both had kids and you could tell that both sets of kids felt like siblings… it was truly beautiful.

  8. Kristin says:

    Wow, these photos are gorgeous! And what a beautiful couple! I love her dress! So awesome that you were able to use the grounds at the Club at Pasadera for their shoot. It’s so pretty there! Love the fountain photo.

  9. Kelley says:

    Such a sweet elopement you captured! I really love the one of them by the fountain!

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