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My Second Home | Life At The Cottage

Charming Cottage in Carmel Valley office home of Film Wedding Photographer AGS Photo Art Photographing wedding in Carmel, Monterey and Big Sur California

They say the more you love your job, the more it doesn’t feel like work, and The Cottage makes me so grateful to be doing what I love, and what I know I’m meant to do on this Earth. Photographing weddings, elopements, engagements, proposals – the whole shebang! It’s what I love to do most, so I thought I’d take you all along for the ride and introduce you to my second home and what life is like at The Cottage here in Carmel Valley, California!

The Cottage AGS Photo Art's office and presentation room

Isn’t it charming? This is where the magic starts! I get to meet the loveliest new couples, and here, they can see all of our products in person. Online just doesn’t do it justice, you know? There’s something about seeing it in front of you, touching the albums, and feeling the frames. Life’s meant to a sensory experience and it happens at The Cottage!

AGS Photo Art shows her clients their albums, talk wedding timeline and more!

As a hybrid photographer, I photograph with film and digital. Film especially has SUCH a beautiful process to it, it has always captured the emotion and motion in my subjects wonderfully. I trust it with my life’s work and I trust it photographing your precious moments. What I do is an art and a tool to memorialize your special day.

The Cottage office of Amandarose film wedding photographer for Carmel, Big Sur and Monterey

Local Venues By The Cottage

Because The Cottage is so locally centered in the heart of Carmel, not to mention we’re a few short miles from Big Sur, it’s the perfect place to stop by in between cake tasting and venue walk-throughs. Oh, and if you’re considering having your wedding here in lovely Big Sur, I have Tips & Tricks on that too! I got your back!

At The Cottage, we’re nearby Holman Ranch, Bernardus Lodge, the Holly Farm, Folktale Winery, Stonepine, Carmel Valley Ranch, and Tehama – just to name just a few lovely places that are AMAZING to photograph your wedding at! Knowing your way around a venue is part of the job as a photographer of course, and I’ve captured precious memories at all these locations and more!

AGS Photo Art's office located in Carmel Valley California near Holman Ranch
The Cottage in Carmel CA the studio of Amandarose from AGS Photo Art

Navigating The World of Weddings

I can’t emphasize enough that meeting with a wedding photographer is just that- meeting. No strings attached to me! Finding the photographer that fits you and your partner is an often overwhelming and overshadowing a tidbit but it is SO so important that you find a great match. Navigating the wedding world can be a pretty daunting task after all! Instagram shows you the artist’s best work, which is great, but imagine actually getting to know them, seeing what they can offer besides the tops 9 images?! Meeting vendors is a big piece of the puzzle too! Having connections is key and I’m delighted to help you in every way I can. I have a preferred list that I would highly recommend. More resources for you to have at your fingertips while planning that perfect day!

The Cottage in Carmel Valley where AGS Photo Art meets her clients and talks about their Carmel wedding

Introducing Myself

Swing by The Cottage and you can meet little ol’ me, Amandarose. We can hang out over chocolate chip cookies and champagne! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Carmel California office of AGS Photo Art
The Cottage in Carmel Valley next to great wedding venues home of AGS Photo Art

I’d be more than happy to fantasize with you about your wedding, from logistics to the fun stuff! All the bells and whistles are here! What color you’ll paint your future home? What kinds of frames do you want your pictures to be in? How about designing your album? Don’t do it alone! The Cottage is the perfect place to dream dreams and make visions for the big day!

Carmel Valley office home of AGS Photo Art
The Cottage in Carmel Valley next to great wedding venues home of AGS Photo Art

I’d love to get to know you and your lover more! Contact me here and we’ll make a date out of it!

The office of AGS Photo Art come and see handmade albums and frames from your session

  1. Flora says:

    This is the cutest cottage!! I love how your curating a vendor team in carmel. One stop shop for monterey weddings !

    • Hello, thank you for reading! Yes! We are aiming to be a one-stop-shop here in Carmel! We are near all the venues in the valley, Holman Ranch, Holly Farm, Folktale Winery, and Tehama. We currently have a florist, makeup artist and planner on-site!

  2. Kristin says:

    This cottage is the cutest! I love coming here! So much natural light and the prettiest decor. Carmel Valley is the best.

  3. Lisa Balog says:

    What a lovely place to plan a special day!

    The rug is beautiful and the furnishings are warm and inviting.

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