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Pebble Beach Elopement | Kristina & Jake

portrait of a bride and groom exchanging vows taken be Pebble Beach Elopement Photographer

Pebble Beach Elopement | Kristina & Jake

Kristina and Jake’s Pebble Beach elopement was so intimate and sweet! I have photographed a lot of elopements, but this one was super special to me. Kristina, Jake and their son, Henry all gathered around for their ceremony. It was incredibly adorable watching them all hold hands together for this very special moment in their lives. There is so much to brag about during this very special elopement – you’re going to want to read on for more!

Kristina and Jake had a very intimate elopement ceremony at Pebble Beach with just their officiant, myself, and their sweet son, Henry! I can’t tell you how honored I was to be a part of this special event for these two love birds. Their ceremony was so touching. The couple exchanged the sweetest vows, bringing each other to tears. Even when I thought it couldn’t get cuter, it did when both Kristina and Jake shared vows with their son, Henry. It was honestly so touching to watch this family have such an intimate moment like this together. They even exchanged rings!! Henry was so proud of his mood ring and we definitely had to get a picture with all the rings!

Pebble Beach Elopement Photographer

As a Pebble Beach elopement photographer, I was so overjoyed to be a part of this special day! After Kristina and Jake’s ceremony, we began taking portraits. It was so fun watching them interact with their son, Henry, who was just a ball of energy and fun! He laughed and laughed as Kristina and Jake walked and swung him up in the air as we walked along the coast, taking portraits along the way. It was so fun to get to know Kristina and Jake a little better and watch Henry have the best of times as we adventured around Pebble Beach.

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