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Pfeiffer Beach Surprise Sunset Proposal | Tim & Steven

couple embracing each other and smiling as they stand on the cliffs of Pfeiffer Beach for their surprise sunset proposal by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I couldn’t wait to capture Tim’s surprise sunset proposal to Steven at Pfeiffer Beach! That’s THEIR beach after all, and I’m right at home there too as a local Big Sur proposal photographer. Pfeiffer Beach is a little off the beaten path but SO so worth every step. It really is the heart of Big Sur! What a perfect spot for this lovely occasion!

couple embracing at the foot of a large rock structure with one of their labradors running up to them

These two are so awesome and their shoot is definitely a favorite of mine from the winter session. I totally felt like there was an instant connection among the three of us! Tim and Steven are in business together as a dynamite real estate team in Palm Springs (and Johnathan is in real estate too)!

How It Started

Sunset proposal portraits of two labradors playing in the water while their dads walk beside them at Pfeiffer Beach by film photographer AGS Photo Art

We’d been acquaintances for 9 years & moved in the same sober circles. Steven joined my office & I asked him out to a work function on his first day. Later on, we stayed one night in Big Sur last summer while driving through. We barely caught the sunset, but it was magical & we vowed to go back. Steven makes me a better person. His positive, hopeful outlook on life is contagious. He’s driven & motivated & I feel like anything is possible when we’re working together toward a goal. – Tim

couple and their two labradors smiling at the camera at Pfeiffer Beach with sunshine pouring through the keyhole rock in the background

Tim and Steven are also dog dads to the cutest labs around! Atlas (black) is an old soul at 10 years old and baby Apollo (silver) at 1 year keeps him on his toes. The little details like the tennis balls at their dads’ feet give their Pfeiffer Beach surprise sunset proposal portraits such a domestic sweetness. The dogs as photogenic as their dads- what a handsome family!

a close up photo of a black labrador on the sand with his two dads; a portrait of the couple adventuring on the rocks at Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach proposal portrait of the couple and their two labradors in front of the keyhole rock

Tim and Steven’s Pfeiffer Beach surprise sunset proposal was right in front of the signature keyhole there. It’s a great backdrop for this special day, that’s my local Big Sur proposal photographer promise! I love the way the last flickers of sunlight poured in through the keyhole. The orange sunset and the blue waves gave the proposal an amazing color palette.

a photo of the sunset at Pfeiffer Beach during the couple's surprise proposal; close up of the couple's hands in each other's with matching bracelets; portrait of the couple embracing in front of tall rocks

The Classic Sunset Proposal

man on one knee proposing to his fiancé at Pfeiffer Beach with their two labradors and some tennis balls surrounding them by film photographer AGS Photo Art

“I’m totally doing 1 knee. He’ll probably be shocked & might cry. I anticipate we’ll share an awesome kiss & embrace.” – Tim

portraits at Pfeiffer Beach of the couple's proposal with their two labradors surrounding them; photo of the couple smiling and embracing one another by film photographer AGS Photo Art
portraits of the couple and their two labradors at Pfeiffer Beach celebrating their surprise proposal by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Seeing Tim on one knee and Steven’s reaction was so heartwarming- they even got applause from passersby there at the beach! The ring is just gorgeous too! It’s has this vintage-look with a round stone in platinum gypsy setting, SUCH a unique design! After a tearjerking proposal, we explored this really exclusive trail for more photos. They had their favorite music on and danced together with the sunset behind them- so romantic! The two of them complement each other’s energy so perfectly and it was a joy to capture.

portraits of the couple smiling at Pfeiffer with their two dogs
a brown labrador running happily around his two dads who just got engaged at Pfeiffer Beach by film photographer AGS Photo Art
couple hand in hand walking down the sandy shore at Pfeiffer Beach by film photographer AGS Photo Art
photo of the couple's hands with a focus on the engagement ring; ringed hands around a brown labrador by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Tim and Steven: thank you for the privilege of letting me capture your amazing Pfeiffer Beach surprise sunset proposal. This joyous occasion reminds me how grateful I am to do the work that I do and love with my whole heart. I’m wishing you both all the best for the engaged chapters of your life leading up to the big day!

couple sharing a kiss to celebrate their engagement
couple smiling at each other with one of their labradors at their side

Are you planning a surprise proposal at Pfeiffer Beach? Get a local Big Sur photographer’s help! Reach out to me here, I’d be happy to assist!

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