Small Business Spotlight: Epiphany Boutique

Christine Dilullo Epiphany Boutique owner

Christine DiLullo, the founder of Epiphany Boutique, and I had an instant connection when we first met. Both from the East Coast, we understood each other immediately, and I consider her one of the most incredible small business owners I know. She is so much fun to be around, extremely talented, and has the best sense of humor. Read on to learn more about her…

Epiphany Boutique carmel by the sea monterey storefront
Entrance Epiphany Boutique brides
Christine Dilullo storefront epiphany owner

Tell me about you! What’s your story of how you started and are where you are now? 

I’ve known ever since I was young that I wanted to start my own business. When my friends and I had imaginary play dates, I always took the role of being the leader of something; the principal of the school, the owner of the salon, etc. 

Growing up, my grandma taught me how to sew. This made me gravitate towards fashion. I went to school for fashion design and marketing, opened up my first store in Chicago, and I stumbled into bridal. A woman saw a dress in my shop window and asked me if I could make the same dress, but extend the length and create it in white. That was how my bridal collection started! 

I never intended to be a bridal designer or retailer and now I can’t imagine doing anything else! I’ve been on every side of the business: I was a designer, I sold to 35 stores across the country, did custom work,then opened Epiphany. I’ve been doing this for eleven years!

Bridal gowns carmel by the sea
Bridal gowns monterey carmel by the sea california
Christine Dilullo wedding gowns
Epiphany boutique

Wow! Not many people in the industry can say that. How did Epiphany begin? 

To be honest, I worked in a bridal store and only lasted two weeks. I didn’t agree with how the store was run. The bride was not the focus at all. It was about their processes, the “efficiency” of the store, and sales. I dreamed of owning a store where brides can come in with or without an appointment and see our entire collection on the floor. I wanted them to have a specialized experience. 

My goal at Epiphany Boutique isn’t to sell a bride a dress but help a bride find her gown.

Bridal signs bridal shop epiphany
Dressing room bridal boutique owner

That sounds incredible. What makes Epiphany Boutique stand out from other bridal boutiques?

We are full service! We take care of the bride from the day she walks into the store to the day she walks out with her dress and all the way through the wedding. We truly assist each bride through each step of the process.

Over 50% of our brides come from more than two or more hours away. We are a small store with a large and curated collection. You’ll find dresses that you truly will not see elsewhere. 

Epiphany boutique owner carmel
Epiphany boutique owner christine dilullo

What are some bridal trends you see in 2020?

Lace is still going strong! But I’m seeing more embellished laces. Laces from a couple years ago were pretty plain, but now we’re seeing more beaded laces. 

Alternatively, another trend is really clean crepe dresses. But I notice that California and the coast still gravitate towards lace. 

Bridal gown and accessories carmel valley

What is a bridal tip you’d offer to brides shopping for wedding dresses?

Don’t force yourself to find the dress, let the dress find you. 

Monterey bridal gown boutique collection
inside Epiphany boutique

What is a fun fact about you?

I work in the fashion world but I am a farm girl at heart! I garden and raise chickens!

Christine Dilullo Epiphany Boutique owner

Thank you so much, Christine! You are so lovely.

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