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Small Business Spotlight: The Hair + Makeup Co.

Carmel Valley The Hair and Makeup Company interior
The Hair + Makeup Company Sarah Nicole
Carmel Valley Cottage exterior
Sarah Nicole founder of The Hair and Makeup Co.

The Hair + Makeup Co. is located in the same center as my office in Carmel Valley, CA., which is how I got to know Sarah Nicole, the owner and boss babe that started it all! Sarah is not only a successful small business owner, but she is also a mother to three beautiful kids.

Sarah’s studio is darling with its wooden accent wall, leather chairs, and minimalist white furniture. It’s easy to imagine brides getting ready here holding a mimosa and listening to music during their hair and makeup trial. Sometimes Myles, the darling small black rescue, can be found at the studio as well!

Tell us about you! How did you begin and how long have you been doing hair and makeup for?

I originally began with M.A.C Cosmetics and went to their training facility for advanced certification. From there, I continued my education and attended master classes with Scott Barns, who has worked with multiple celebrities. The most notable celebrity was Jennifer Lopez; together they created “The Glow,” which is known for its bronzed skin and neutral lip. I continue to travel a lot and always look for the latest tips, tricks, and techniques. I’ve been doing makeup for fifteen years!

Getting licensed in hair was the next natural step, so I received my Esthetician license from Salon Professional Academy. I’m a licensed permanent makeup artist as well. I’ve been doing hair for eight years.

Everyone on my team also has about 4-5 years of experience within the industry. It’s so important to me that brides know that they are in experienced hands!

Makeup palettes The Hair + Makeup Co.
Sarah Nicole The Hair + Makeup Co. behind the scenes

Wow, you are incredible! What kind of packages do you offer brides?

We have three different packages based on what brides are looking for. There’s the Bridal/Rehearsal package, the Bridal Package, and the Elopement Package.

One of the newest services we offer is microblading. I was trained and licensed by Lindsay Ta, the World of Microblading champion and founder of Microblading LA. I noticed a lot of brides have began to opt in for microblading. Brows frame your whole face, and since adding pigment can look too harsh in photographs, brides are opting in for a more natural hairstroke. It’s a natural way to fill in brows to create a softer look in photographs.

inside the studio The Hair + Makeup Co.
Sarah Nicole The Hiar + Makeup Co. headshots
Wedding makeup carmel valley

I love that you offer microblading. When do you recommend brides get that done?

Typically a couple months before the event is ideal. We usually talk to brides about it during their hair and makeup trial, where we could map out brows and do a light stencil to show them what it looks like. Microblading requires a natural healing process and then a brief touch-up, but once it’s complete it creates such a cohesive look!

toolbox and makeup brushes The Hair + Makeup Co.

What makes The Hair + Makeup Co. stand out?

The Hair + Makeup Co.’s goal is to apply makeup in a way that enhances the bride’s best features and make her feel the best they can as themselves. It is not to create a different look or a different person, but instead to make her feel amazing on her wedding day!

One of the ways we accomplish this is by concentrating on the skin. We analyze a bride’s skin, what products she’s using, and prep her skin prior to the event. Attention to detail and communication are huge priorities for us. We ask for pictures, meet with the wedding party, and make sure to have conversations about realistic expectations for the day so that everyone feels their best.

Carmel Valley Office The Hair + Makeup Co.

And you do it so well! Lastly, what’s one beauty tip you’d offer brides?

Your skin is everything. Always wash your face at night, always hydrate, and wear SPF! I know that’s more than one, but it’s truly so important to take care of your incredible skin! Good skin is going to affect your makeup and make you glow.

Sarah Nicole Carmel Valley
Sarah Nicole The Hair + Makeup Co.

Thank you, Sarah! You are incredible.

The Hair and Makeup Company has two branches: Carmel Valley and Sonora, California. To inquire for an event, you can reach her here.

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