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Spanish Bay Surprise Proposal | Chris & Karli

emotional couple at Pebble Beach during their Spanish Bay surprise proposal with their dog by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Chris launched his Spanish Bay surprise proposal to Karli right on cliffs overlooking the water! It was a calm evening with light overcast but filled with lots of emotion from this newly engaged couple. This session was such an intimate and private occasion with just Chris, Karli, and their dog. Read on for more!

portrait of the couple joined at the hip and smiling at each other

Pebble Beach Proposal Photographer

Chris and Karli’s Spanish Bay surprise proposal started on the beautiful overlook at Pebble Beach with the two of them enjoying the grounds and ocean air. They had come from seeing the bagpipers play, one of many awesome Pebble Beach experiences offered on the property at The Inn At Spanish Bay. The bagpipers play every day, rain or shine, beginning a half hour before sunset. After this, they walked down the water with their dog, and Karli even had her backpack with a bowl attached for water. I loved this little detail because it shows how, to Karli, this was seemingly just another day with Chris and their fur baby. She had no idea what was coming!

down on one knee at Spanish Bay

Their dog was just as excited for Chris and Karli as they were, jumping up on Karli when she realized what was happening. I can’t encourage couples enough to bring their fur babies along to their sessions. Surprise proposals, engagements, weddings, elopements- you name it! Having your pets with you on your special day is such a great cherry on top to your shoot!

ecstatic couple at Pebble Beach with their dog
couple at Pebble Beach with the waves and cliffs behind them

Surprise Proposal At Spanish Bay

By the end of the day, Karli was teary-eyed and so surprised! Their portraits are so smiley and emotional, the way a surprise proposal should be. It was a real honor to get to witness and photograph this special moment. Not to mention, the ring Chris picked out for Karli is just stunning! This shoot was short and sweet and I loved how it turned out. A huge congratulations to Chris and Karli!

round solitaire engagement ring nestled on green leaves

Considering Spanish Bay for your surprise proposal? Get a local photographer on your team! I’d love to capture this special day! Reach out to me here.

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