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Sunrise Carmel-by-the-Sea Portraits: Raquel and Justin

Couple embracing one another with rocky cliffs and the ocean behind them

Sunset portraits tend to get a lot of attention, but sunrise portraits are some of my favorite types of portraits to capture as a local Carmel-by-the-Sea photographer. There’s something magical about sunrise: a sleepy town is just beginning to wake up, downtown streets are quiet, and there are fewer people in tourist destinations. Being a local Carmel-by-the-Sea photographer, I also value that the sun comes up in a different direction. Photographing Raquel and Justin for their sunrise Carmel-by-the-Sea portraits was such a dream!

Couple kissing at the top of a stairwell, looking into each other's eyes.
close up of couple, close up of their shoes on rocky ground
engagement portrait of couple with the shoreline in the background

Naturally, we all bonded over our love for chocolate chip cookies and wine! Raquel and Justin both love being outdoors. Being their local Carmel-by-the-Sea photographer for their sunrise portraits on the coastline was representative of their relationship. They are such a sweet and loving couple! It’s evident in every photograph they take.

couple standing on sandy cliffs with a blue and white sky overhead
Couple looking out at the sea. Couple looking into each other's eyes.

It was important for Raquel and Justin to have their engagement photos near Monterey since their venue was at the Memory Garden. Engagement photoshoots are so important to me as a Monterey wedding photographer too since I get the chance to spend time with my couples and get to know them personally. When I was shooting with Raquel and Justin, for example, I was able to find their signature look!

couple laughing in front of a vintage home with a picket fence and flowers
portaits of a couple back to back in front of a wooden fence and trees
close up of bride's ring

Each couple has a signature look. It’s the pose where both of them fit into each other. Each couple’s signature look is where they feel most in sync with each other and it simultaneously compliments their love. As an engagement photographer, I love using the engagement shoot to discover each couple’s signature pose!

couple embracing in front of a vintage house and flower fence
groom portraits under a tree
portraits of groom under a tree
groom holding his bride while they look out at the shoreline
portait of couple hugging in a field of green
portaits of bride surroudned by green leaves
couple portaits in front of a gated brick wall with overhanging plants

I loved photographing Raquel and Justin’s sunrise Carmel-by-the-Sea portraits! Next up, their wedding at the Monterey Memory Garden.

Whether it’s at Carmel-by-the-Sea or elsewhere, I would love to photograph your next sunrise shoot! Contact me here.

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