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Surprise Engagement In Big Sur | Ben & Alex

same sex couple sharing a kiss overlooking Pfeiffer Beach during their surprise engagement in Big Sur

I was SO thrilled photographing Ben and Alex’s surprise engagement in Big Sur! Pfeiffer Beach was our first choice with backup locations like Garrapata and Silomar State Beach in case Pfeiffer is foggy in the afternoon. Ben wanted everything to be perfect and sunny, and Pfeiffer Beach is such a classic pick! It’s really scenic, and Ben and Alex both love the ocean so I knew a surprise engagement in Big Sur along the coastline would be perfect. Read on for more!

same sex couple embracing and smiling
couple sharing a kiss with the Big Sur coast and cliffs behind them

How Did You Two Meet?

“I’m a PhD student studying physics at Stanford and Alex is a software engineer at Asana. We met at the admitted students’ weekend at Caltech during our senior year of high school. We talked with each other all summer before college and then almost immediately started dating in our freshman year. The rest is (a very happy) history!” – Ben

LGBT surprise engagement portrait in Pfeiffer Beach

Funnily enough, we actually use Asana here at AGS! It’s so sweet that Ben and Alex have their love story and education intertwined with both of them attending Caltech. Ben really went above and beyond tying in personalizing his and Alex’s surprise engagement in Big Sur.

popping the question during Big Sur surprise engagement photoshoot
views of Pfeiffer Beach for surprise engagement in Big Sur

When Did You Know You Wanted To Propose?

“Alex loves all the same things I do; whether we’re traveling to a different country or going to an all-night rave or just staying in and watching TV with our cat, he’s always right there with me. I’ve known I wanted to propose for a while, I first thought of the idea of how to do it in 2018. We play a lot of video games together, go out dancing a lot, and love to travel. The two of us have also recently gotten more into board games! One of these days, I’ll convince Alex to let me teach him piano.” – Ben

couple hand in hand walking down Pfeiffer Beach with their backs to the camera
surprise engagement photo in Big Sur on the rocks

We’re both big nerds and I wanted to do something unique. I designed a mirror array that will project sunlight to say “MARRY ME?” on the ground. I’m planning on having a picnic on the beach starting around 5pm, then around 5:30 is probably when I will propose. I’ll tell him to close his eyes and I have a surprise for him. I’ll have him face the sun and hold the mirror grid and when he opens his eyes and sees the message, I’ll be on my knee behind him and give a short speech.” – Ben

same sex surprise engagement in Big Sur with the words "Marry Me?" being reflected off a mirror onto the sand
couple sharing a kiss with the Big Sur coast and cliffs behind them
lgbt couple embracing and smiling at the camera

Big Sur Engagement Photographer

The matching rings Ben had for Alex and himself are such a beautiful look. I love the unique shape of otherwise plain gold bands with the twist in the middle. And the MIRROR?! Definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever seen for a surprise engagement in Big Sur! This definitely took advantage of the sunny day we had! It was a really cool touch on Ben’s part and it was so sweet and romantic to witness.

engagement ring in the sand at Big Sur
close up of couple's hands with engagement rings on them as they hold a honeycomb mirror
lgbt couple engagement portrait at Pfeiffer Beach
down on one knee during the couple's surprise engagement in Big Sur with "Marry Me?" being reflected in light onto the sand

I’m so honored to have been a part of this surprise engagement in Big Sur! Contact me here if you’re looking for a local Big Sur photographer to shoot your next special occasion!

same sex couple and their Pfeiffer Beach surprise engagement

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