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Why I Sell Wedding Albums

The Digital Age & Saving Your Memories

It’s true that we live in a digital age where everything, including our most precious photo memories, is kept online. We often scroll through our social media feeds clicking the like button on the images family and friends post of their sweetest, most meaningful memories, but what happens to those images beyond social media? Often, our most cherished memories are kept along with hundreds of smartphone-taken selfies and snapshots in a gallery that you probably have to scroll to find. More than likely, those photos are stored somewhere in the Cloud. But what happens to those photos when your phone gets dropped or wiped clean? What would happen to those photos if Facebook or Instagram disappeared? Would you still have access to those precious memories from your wedding day?

This is a major part of why I sell wedding albums. It’s truly wonderful how social media has created an environment where we can share, store and cherish our fondest memories. However, as we have seen with social media glitches and shutdowns, the digital world is not the safest place for our photos to live. Before this new digital age, our parents and grandparents would often have wedding albums that held all of their images. Now, it doesn’t seem as prevalent, although I wish it were.

Why I Sell Wedding Albums: The Backstory

When I was a child, I remember often flipping through pages of photo albums full of family memories. I loved physically touching the images and the albums. It allowed me to relive moments I would have never remembered unless someone had clicked the shutter. Going through old family photos brought me a lot of joy as a child. Honestly, one reason I became a photographer is because my parents only have two images from their wedding day. That’s it. The rest of their wedding images are gone. I can’t tell you how badly I wish there were more! This is why I became so passionate about printing my artwork into tangible products that could withstand the test of time.

I started my photography career in a studio. My mentor was very passionate about what she did. She taught me how to photograph weddings and other special moments in people’s lives. Not only did my mentor teach me how to photograph and deliver digital images, but she also taught me the importance of a finished printed product. Whether it be a wedding album or a framed print, I didn’t consider my work a finished masterpiece until it was in print. It instilled a belief that I still carry to this day: my work is incomplete until it is printed.

How I Create A Luxury Client Experience

I pride myself on being a full-service photography studio. Not only do I offer albums, but I also offer frames, canvases, wall art, and prints. It is important to me that I provide my wedding couples with a higher level of service. I am proud to offer luxury albums and products that my clients would be thrilled to invest in. I want my couples to enjoy reliving their wedding day through the design process. Providing my clients with an album that can be cherished for generations to come is so rewarding as an artist. I like to think I am keeping the tradition of wedding albums alive in this increasingly digital world!

Ultimately, I am a storyteller. I photograph weddings and design wedding albums so that it tells the story of the wedding day. From getting ready to the grand exit. I view a wedding album like I do a book. The goal is for anyone looking at the wedding album to be able to visualize the entire wedding day; to feel the love and connection the couple had on that day. The album should tell the story. This luxury client experience is what sets me apart from the hundreds of photographers in my area.

Photographers: You Can Offer Wedding Albums Too

I heavily encourage all photographers, of every genre, to offer their clients albums and products. There are many reasons for this. One, printing your work makes you feel like an artist. Seeing your work become a tangible product that people want to invest in and put in their homes: that’s huge! As a wedding photographer of almost 15 years, I find that I feel the most fulfilled and successful when a client purchases albums and prints with me. Not to mention, clients having tangible photo products in their homes is a great marketing tool too! I’ve had the tremendous honor of photographing more of my clients’ families and friends because they have seen the products previous clients have purchased from me.

The second reason is to offer a luxury experience for my clients. Our clients are why we do what we do! Our main objective as a photographer should be to serve our clients well. While the process of shoot and burn is easy and often leaves the client satisfied, I pride myself on going above and beyond. Providing my clients with a full, bespoke experience where they can walk away with a tangible, cherished product is everything to me and my business. It adds value to my work and my client’s special day by telling my clients that their beautiful wedding images belong in an album. Your clients want to be valued, so remind them that they are and that they deserve to have a beautiful heirloom for their family.

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