Big Sur Wedding

Wind and Sea Estate Big Sur Wedding

Sarah + Carlos


While all the planning was finished and everything was in place, the precipitous forecast for the weekend ahead at Wind and Sea Estate in Big Sur left a little to be desired. Calling for 100% chance of rain on Friday, 20% chance of rain Saturday, and 100% chance of rain on Sunday, the umbrellas and rain jackets became the newest potential guests at the wedding of Sarah and Carlos at the Wind and Sea Estate. Photographing weddings in the rain, while less than ideal, is something any seasoned photographer has experienced and must prepare for.

When performing the last minute mental adjustments to ensure the weather would not impede the beautiful day crafted in the minds’ of Sarah and Carlos, I touch base with them to discuss their upcoming wedding. Consistent with her personality and ability to take everything in stride, Sarah’s response to the forecast is “Well people better like the rain then!” Her adventurous spirit and upbeat personality are something to admire, and complement the calm and patient demeanor of Carlos quite well. I found solace in the idea that rain or shine, Carlos and Sarah were ready to have the perfect day to celebrate their love for one another.

With the arrival of the wedding day, I recalled the words stated by the late Patrick Young, “The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.” The weather gods granted us a reprieve and the clouds above held back just long enough for their special celebration.
Big Sur is such a magical place. Upon arrival, you can feel the sense of occasion. The fresh air, the light ocean breeze and the gentle mist enveloping you in a way that only seems possible in this fairy tale of a place where the rolling mountains stand tall alongside the powerful sea.

The love these two have for one another is rare and ever apparent on this amazing day on the central coast. My first interaction with Carlos finds him casual, both in dress and mood. His comfy clothes and gentle voice let me know there are no doubts, no nerves to be had on this day. Here is a man certain of the choices he makes, and today, just like any other day, he chooses Sarah.

I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if his casual clothes carried him down the aisle, as they wanted this wedding day to be all about being who they are, together. Thankfully, that decision was not made as it would have stripped everyone present of the satisfaction of seeing the two of them dressed in a fashion that was simply stunning. Their choice of clothes and accessories complemented each other perfectly and they can look forward to sharing these photographs with their children, gaining the reputation as the “cool, stylish parents.”

The entire day had great emphasis on the fact that everyone who had been invited was there for a reason. I could see what a large role family played in each of their lives and the feeling I received from being surrounded by them was one of love and comfort. On the inside, I am always emotional during the ceremony. But when Carlos showed his emotions as he dedicated his life to loving Sarah, I couldn’t help but share in his tears of joy.

I take away something from every wedding I am a part of and I want to give special thanks to Sarah and Carlos for allowing me to share their special day and witness their powerful love, unbreakable bond and amazing family. When you two return from your amazing honey moon traveling the world I hope you look back on your wedding day and know that I am so thankful you’ve asked me to share it with you.


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Wind and Sea Estate weddingwedding portraits

Sarah & Carlo’s “We want a serious pose!”wedding portraits

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Their baby Baxter, dressed all fancy! Did I mention that the band CAKE was there?!DIY wedding

And of course there was some cake too 🙂

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Venue: Wind & Sea Estate Big Sur 

Dress: Panache Beverly Hills

Grooms Suit: Indochino Beverly Hills

Catering: The Events by Classic Group

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