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Beach Proposal in Carmel by the Sea | Alex and Kendall

On the most beautiful day, Alex led Kendall down to the beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Dressed in blue jeans and barefoot, Alex was ready for the biggest moment of her life. Kendall, trendy in a buttoned long-sleeve shirt tucked in, had NO idea that her life was about to change. Then there was me in a boot cast, on the sand, ready to capture this beach proposal in Carmel no matter what!

This Hinge success story led to four years of the biggest smiles, tons of songs sung off-key, and adopting a mini bernedoodle they named Charlie. When Alex reached out to me as their Carmel photographer, I was all in! We hear a lot of questions from people asking, “Where can I propose in Carmel?”, and one of our favorites is, honestly, on the beach. Having a beach proposal in Carmel is the best way to truly be in the moment with each other. Especially seeing Kendall and Alex on the shore! It really feels so grounding and reinforces that if you took everything else away and it was just the two of you, life would still be just perfect.

Hold On, Can I Propose on a Beach?

YES! Especially at Carmel-by-the-Sea. A surprise beach proposal in Carmel requires a photographer who knows the area. Proposals are best when they are more secluded, and a good photographer will be able to find the best spot. While not guaranteed, proposing during the week or outside of peak weekend hours will help make sure your special moment isn’t disturbed by casual beachgoers.

Another perk about proposing on the beach is you will have beautiful photos without distractions. As Brides shares, “Beaches offer plenty of space to get creative with your proposal and make the perfect backdrop for gorgeous engagement photos.”

Alex and Kendall’s Proposal

Down on the beach, I hobbled around on the boot I was wearing from breaking my toe a few days prior. A few passersby strolled along, and Alex briefly made eye contact with me, waiting for her moment. When the coast was clear, she walked Kendall toward the water and dropped to her knee. Kendall was shocked! It was the sweetest moment. Kendall instinctively lowered herself down to meet Alex. All smiles, they embraced on the beach. She said YES to forever with this surprise proposal! For anyone asking, “How do you ask a girl to marry you on the beach?”, talk to Alex because she nailed it!

After our beautiful couple was engaged, we got to know each other. Alex described her and Kendall so well that it felt like we had already known each other. I talked to them about their vision and how we could make the most out of their engagement session. The most important part to me was that Kendall and Alex felt like themselves. I wanted them to be able to look back at the photos and not feel staged.

We captured some really authentic photos on the beach that just felt like them. This couple was just so fun and soooo in love. They dipped their toes in the water and breathed in the magic of the day. When Kendall hopped on Alex’s back, you could tell they were having the best time. Then they took a walk down the shoreline, Alex pulling Kendall in close. The photos I took looked as if you could bottle up the ocean breeze, the salt in the air, and the sound of their laughter… pure bliss.

California Coasts for a Beach Proposal

There are so many great shores for a beach engagement! We may be biased, but we believe the Central Coast does it best. Carmel-by-the-Sea offers beautiful, unobstructed views and an incredible downtown within walking distance. A beach proposal in Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur, and Pacific Grove ensures the most gorgeous sights with little to no crowds.

As a Big Sur engagement photographer, I always enjoy the dramatic shots you can get on the cliffs. Recently, we had Jason and Katie down from San Francisco to visit Big Sur for their beach proposal. It couldn’t have happened on a better day, it was sunny with a slight breeze, and there was almost no one on the trail. Jason chose Big Sur because last year they had been traveling a lot for weddings, and this was a little getaway just for them.

Newly engaged LGBT couple holding each other by the beach, looking at film photographer AGS Photo Art

Another favorite is a Pebble Beach Proposal. Joseph reached out to me to help plan a surprise proposal to Scarlett. He wanted to get engaged in Monterey because they loved the area and hoped to retire here in the future. I helped him plan the proposal on the beautiful Seal Rock Creek Beach – perfect for shots along the beach with the ocean in view! We captured the special moment right on the shore as Joseph proposed to Scarlett. After all the tears, laughs, and smiles at the beach, we finished the day with some portraits of them in the forest. It was so stunning with the greenery surrounding them as they ran through the trees- such a blast!

Lifestyle Photos

Alex planned out a romantic stay for the newly engaged couple at Villa Mara Carmel, a few blocks from the water. Taking inspiration from estates in the Hamptons, the property holds a sophisticated and timeless elegance, layering bespoke and vintage furniture to create an oasis of calm. Perfect for a romantic celebration.

The hotel is as wonderful as it is beautiful. The staff prides themselves on knowing all the local hangs, the best restaurants, views, beaches, hikes, and hidden secrets. Their mission is to provide guests with a curated experience on and off the property. When Alex shared with the staff that she was planning to propose, they welcomed the couple to photograph on the grounds. When we arrived back at Villa Mara Carmel, the staff greeted us with champagne and gasped when we told them about Alex and Kendall’s beach proposal in Carmel. And I got to meet Charlie, their mini bernedoodle. The day could not have been any better!

We captured family photos of the couple and their pup having the greatest time. We strolled the property, finding pockets of beauty with flowers and a firepit. Having these “everyday” style shots is something couples can look back on as not just a moment in time, but a capturing of their life at that time. Walking with Charlie is something they do all the time, as well as sipping a glass of champagne together and cozying up after a long day. Being invited into their lives was such a joy.

After we finished taking photos for their beach proposal in Carmel, Kendall, Alex, and Charlie set off to explore Carmel’s downtown stretch of boutiques, shops, and restaurants. The downtown stretch is one of the many reasons why Carmel-by-the-Sea is so popular! There are so many great places to check out on California’s Central Coast.

Newly engaged LGBT couple holding each other by the beach shot on film photography AGS Photo Art with aesthetic motion blur

Are you ready for a beach proposal?

It was a beautiful beach proposal in Carmel by the Sea, and now we are talking about the big wedding. One of the most flattering experiences as an engagement photographer is when the couple calls me back to talk about the wedding! 

If you are ready for your own beach proposal, contact me. Can’t wait to hear about your love story and make your vision a reality!

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