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Big Sur Family Photoshoot | Kristin & Aris

a family of four standing at the edge of the water looking out at the horizon in Big Sur for family shoot

Big Sur Family Photoshoot | Kristin & Aris

I’m going to be honest here: this family photoshoot session has me in my feelings! I had the immense pleasure of photographing Kristin and her family in Big Sur before they moved to Michigan. It’s safe to say that Kristin and I were dreading this move for her and her family, but it was so nice to be able to photograph these memories for them. It was wonderfully bittersweet and I’m thankful we got to do this before they set off on their new adventure. Read on to see more from this sweet Big Sur family photoshoot!

As you may know, Kristin has been my right-hand woman for some time now. She has worked as my studio manager and associate shooter for the last four years. Saying goodbye has not been easy as she has literally held me and my business together over the last couple of years. However, don’t worry, because Kristin isn’t leaving forever. She still plans on coming back to associate shoot here and there. Additionally, she will hopefully be moving back to California in the near future too! So, this isn’t a goodbye, just a see you later.

Big Sur Family Photographer

Spending the evening with Kristin and her family was just lovely! A pro tip for those of you looking to book a family or portrait shoot in Big Sur, find a photographer who can locate special, hidden beaches! By hiring a local Big Sur photographer like myself, I can scout out amazing, secret locations that not many others know about. The beach we took this family photoshoot at was completely off the beaten path and completely private. It was the perfect location for Kristin and her family to soak in these remaining sweet moments in California.

I am forever grateful for Kristin and her family. The opportunity to photograph them before they set off on their new adventure was an honor and I am so excited for Kristin to make visits back to California to shoot some of these amazing weddings and events this year!! Kristin, we miss you already and wish you and your family nothing but the absolute best!

If you are looking for a Big Sur photographer for your next photo shoot, contact me here!! The hidden beaches of Big Sur are calling!

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