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Big Sur Proposal | Lauren & Ryan

couple sitting on the beach after Big Sur Proposal

Big Sur Proposal | Lauren & Ryan

This Big Sur surprise proposal was one for the books!! Ryan and Lauren are from the East Coast and were traveling through California on a trip. Obviously, they had to make a stop in Big Sur, but Ryan wanted to make it super special! Ryan had booked me a few months prior and he knew he wanted a proposal that was epic and beautiful! Together, we planned the most perfect proposal and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Read on to see more of this Big Sur Surprise Proposal!

two images of a man proposing to a woman in Big Sur proposal
two images of a couple celebrating their Big Sur proposal

Big Sur Proposal Photographer

I love when couples elect to do a morning shoot because the light is always so beautiful and soft. Not to mention, the weather during Ryan and Lauren’s proposal shoot was beyond perfect. Partly cloudy skies are seriously a photographer’s best friend. The location Ryan and I had agreed on beforehand required some light hiking and I wasn’t sure if Lauren would be up for it. However, she made it to the spot we had planned for and Ryan proposed with a stunning engagement ring!!

It’s safe to say that Lauren was definitely surprised! She later told me that she had expected Ryan to propose during their trip, but not in Big Sur. After the proposal, we went on to take some gorgeous portraits and you’re definitely going to want to read everything Ryan had to say about Lauren because SWOON!

portrait of a woman smiling as a man proposes to her

How did you two meet!?

I met Lauren during our junior year at Penn State through mutual friends but didn’t really get to know each other until the beginning of our senior year. We started dating in December of our senior year and have been together for just over 3 years. We both moved to Boston after graduation (we both had planned that before meeting each other).

What do you love the most about Lauren?

Lauren toes the line between silly and serious almost too well. She is so thoughtful and bubbly. She brings out a more adventurous side of me that otherwise probably would stay hidden. I love her dancing (it’s not good) but it really lightens the mood.

two images of a couple smiling for a photo in Big Sur CA

When did you know she was the one!?

Very early on into getting to know each other, well before we started dating, there was a night in college where we stayed up until 5am just talking about life and just about anything and it was amazing looking back on it. I wouldn’t say that I am the most vocal with emotions/feelings/really anything, but when we talked it felt so easy and I just knew.

When did you decide you were going to propose!?

I knew I wanted to propose for a while, but mostly just variables had me waiting. Once I had a job locked down for after law school I really started to think about it. I know this is what she has thought about for a long time and I just want to make it special for her.

Tell me about the ring!!!

The ring is oval shaped with a gold band. I love it and I have gotten more than enough hints so I think she is going to love it.

portrait of an engagement ring
two images of a couple walking along the beach in Big Sur

Are you planning on proposing to your special someone? Let me capture it for you!! Contact me here!!

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