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Calla Lilly Valley Proposal | Juan & Dairis

landscape portrait of couple standing together at Big Sur after Calla Lilly Valley Proposal

Calla Lilly Valley Proposal | Juan & Dairis

When Juan reached out to me to help him plan and photograph his proposal to Dairis, he knew exactly what he wanted in terms of the proposal! He told me Dairis’ favorite place ever was Calla Lilly Valley in Big Sur. He envisioned proposing to Dairis there with a picnic and champagne while watching the sunset. My response: let’s do it! So we did!! The whole proposal was a dream, you’re going to want to read on to see more from this stunning Calla Lilly Valley proposal!

two images of a man proposing to a woman during Calla Lilly Valley Proposal

Big Sur Proposal Photographer

Juan and Dariris had planned a trip down to see the Calla Lillies in bloom. However, Juan wanted to make it super special by proposing to Dairis at her favorite spot! Seriously, guys, take notes from Juan because he knew what he was doing with this proposal. We had packed a beautiful picnic with champagne and a blanket so that the couple could sit on the beach and watch the sunset. Juan had it perfectly planned. The couple was settling into their picnic when Juan reached into the picnic basket to grab the champagne but grabbed the ring instead!! Swoon, am I right ladies?

two images of a couple holding one another at Calla Lilly Valley Proposal

How did you two meet?

In college, we went our separate ways for a while then we started messaging each other again. Five years later we are here.

What do you love most about Dairis?

Her smile, her eyes and her intelligence. Her quirky Spanish sayings and her affection.

two images of a couple standing together for Calla Lilly Valley Proposal
two images of a couple cuddling together on the beach

When did you decide you were going to propose!?

A year and a half ago, she was a bridesmaid I knew then that I wanted to make her that happy.

Tell me all about the engagement ring!!

Round from verragio. She had mention in conversation something about a ring and I happen to catch the name.

engagement ring from Calla Lilly Valley Proposal
couple kissing on the beach

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