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Pebble Beach Engagement | Natasha & Justin

black and white portrait of a couple laughing together during Pebble Beach engagement shoot

Pebble Beach Engagement | Natasha & Justin

It was such a pleasure being able to photograph Natasha and Justin’s Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot!! Natasha’s dream for the engagement shoot was to recreate their first date together. We began by taking a walk in Del Monte Forest and ending our time at the beach. It was so fun to watch Natasha and Justin interact with one another. You can just tell that they are head over heels for one another!! Natasha and Justin were so fun to photograph and it made me so excited for their Mission Ranch wedding coming up in June. Read on to see more of this dreamy Pebble Beach engagement shoot!

Pebble Beach Engagement Photographer

I have been so excited to photograph these two! I love when couples elect to do an engagement photoshoot with me prior to their big day. Not only does this allow me to get to know you better before your wedding day, but it gives the couple a chance to see how I work with posing and direction. Overall, it helps the wedding day flow a little easier! Seriously, so excited for their wedding coming up in June!

How did you two meet?

We met at work! Justin saw Natasha from afar and made a mental note of her classroom. He would often swing a loop around to Natasha’s wing in the hopes of getting a wave or a “hello.” Justin claims that he tried to make a move at the beginning of the school year by striking up a conversation about pancakes versus waffles, but Natasha can’t remember the encounter. A coworker then played cupid by passing along Natasha’s phone number to Justin and the rest is history!

What do you love the most about your partner?

Justin has the biggest heart and takes an empathetic approach to the world. He will stop to help others, always has a kind word to say, and will do just about anything for animals.

Natasha has a love that shines through like a bright star in the night sky that everyone can see.

Tell me all about the proposal!!

A very shelter-in-place proposal that took place in our kitchen with our two pets, Darcy the wispy little dog and Dean the fluffy Maine Coon. Justin seemed nervous, but the whole time Natasha just thought they were having a conversation about the future and even interrupted Justin a couple times. Justin changed his shirt, put his hat on, and then removed his hat all before halting Natasha in her tracks and saying that he didn’t want to wait another minute to marry her, dropped down on one knee, and proposed with the ring on full display. “Yes!”

Tell me about the engagement ring!!

The ring is a platinum ring with a round diamond that we picked out together in Santa Cruz. It is the perfect ring! It has a wedding band that fits snugly along the solitaire and both have tiny pave diamonds along the bands.

two images of a couple sitting together on a rock at Pebble Beach

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