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Carmel Elopement On The Beach | Lydia & John

Carmel elopement portrait of the bride and groom sharing a kiss on the beach cliffs by film photographer AGS Photo Art

When Lydia came to The Cottage and met me in person, I knew I was going to love photographing her and John’s Carmel elopement on the beach! The three of us are very similar as people- organic and calm, preferring to keep things simple and natural. I guess you could call us all old souls! Read on for this sweet elopement.

Carmel elopement bridal portrait by film photographer AGS Photo Art
Carmel elopement bridal portrait on the beach
couple embracing and touching their foreheads together
portrait of the groom at Carmel Meadows Beach

Carmel Elopement Wedding Photographer

Lydia’s a local business owners here in the peninsula and she and John have been together for twelve years! We photographed their Carmel elopement on the beach at Carmel Meadows. Carmel Meadows is a nickname for the portion of Carmel River State Beach next to the Carmel Meadows neighborhood. It tends to be less crowded than nearby Monastery Beach and the main Carmel River Beach, which was perfect for Lydia and John and their private elopement.

the bride and groom walking side by side and smiling at each other while the groom holds his bride's bouquet
the groom smiling at his bride while she smiles at the camera during their Carmel elopement on the beach

Intimate occasions like this Carmel elopement on the beach are such an honor to witness and photograph, especially when it really is just you, the couple, their parents, and the officiant! Lydia wore this stunning BHLDN gown and had a big set of flowers for her bouquet. I loved the subtle details of the lace on the sleeves and skirt. It was all really classic and elegant but still in nature and organic, and the imagery reflects all those same qualities! Their wedding rings were so timeless and looked beautiful nestled in the flower petals of the bouquet. I loved the pinks, purples, and whites! It adds this dainty touch, don’t you think?

Carmel bride and groom's wedding rings nestled in pink flowers
bride holding her bouquet in her BHLDN gown from the shoulders down at her Carmel elopement on the beach
Carmel wedding rings nestled in green stems and leaves from the bride's bouquet

Eloping In Carmel

Photographing this intimate elopement session for Lydia and John was such a sweet and refreshing time! As a local Carmel wedding photographer, I love getting to show my couples the perfect little spots like Carmel Meadows Beach. There are venues for every occasion and every size here! Considering an elopement for yourself? I’d love to capture it for you! Contact me here.

Carmel elopement portrait of the couple walking down a trail away from the camera

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