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Carmel Family Photoshoot | Allison & Chris

Carmel family photoshoot on the beach with the waves behind them

Allison and Chris’ Carmel family photoshoot was a BLAST and also doubled as a precursor to their wedding- how cool is that? They got married on December 9th and it was a beautiful, small, and intimate day. Keep your eyes peeled for that photoshoot too! They’re a super sweet couple and local Carmel family. Read on for more!

Carmel family and engagement shoot
outdoor Carmel family photoshoot
Mom and the girls exploring
engagement portrait on the coast in Carmel
Carmel engagement photoshoot
engagement shoot portrait in Carmel

This session was a combo of a Carmel family photoshoot and a Carmel engagement. Allison is from Monterey, and Chris is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They met in 2019 during a marketing meeting for work where they ended up sitting next to one another during the meeting. They both knew we were attracted to one another but didn’t begin dating until April 2020. So sweet!

new bride and groom engagement photo
family photoshoot in Carmel

I loved the color coordination with Chris and his son, John. And of course, Allison and the girls: Avery, Kendall, and Harper! Pinks and blues make for SUCH a dreamy Carmel family photoshoot! It was such a sweet time for these two families coming together as one.

father and son portrait
all daughters portrait
Carmel kids family session
Carmel family photoshoot of the daughters
Carmel kids photoshoot
Carmel family photoshoot portrait
black and white Carmel family photoshoot with the family hand in hand walking up a hill

Carmel Family Photographer

Being a local family photographer here in Carmel means your photoshoot has a TON of variety with different locations. The beach offers beautiful coastal images with dramatic landscapes. The mountains are full of redwoods or and trees. And the valleys have beautiful golden slopes! There are so many locations to choose from for your Carmel family photoshoot! My goal is to provide my families with a family session experience that is stress-free, fun, and in the moment. I love to provide families like Allison and Chris’ with timeless photos that can be looked back on and cherished for generations to come! 

Carmel engagement portrait on a green trail
Carmel engagement photoshoot
couple embracing and touching their foreheads together
engagement shoot in Carmel
Carmel family photoshoot on the beach

Thinking of a family session for you and your loved ones? Get a local photographer on your side! I’d love to put together a memorable session for you! Contact me here.

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