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Carmel Tehama Wedding | Maggie & Jarod

sweeping view of Tehama golf course with the bride and groom in the middle of it all smiling at each other

Maggie and Jarod’s Carmel Tehama wedding was a long time coming after their Big Sur surprise proposal, which I also had the honor of photographing! The day and night were so alive and full of energy from the bride and groom, and of course, their family and friends. This wedding party was one for the books!

Carmel Tehama wedding view of the golf course

About Maggie & Jarod

“Currently we live in Minneapolis, MN, though Jarod grew up in a small town in western Nebraska called Scottsbluff. Maggie grew up in a suburb called Edina outside of Minneapolis. Both of us moved to Minneapolis after school for work 6 years ago where we literally shared a cube wall for a couple of years as we worked on the same team and secret dated for a little over one and a half years. We decided to take a trip to Chicago one weekend and figured out that we both had feelings for each other and haven’t skipped a beat since!” – Maggie

Carmel Tehama wedding details of the dining hall
Carmel Tehama wedding portrait of the bride and groom sharing a kiss
bride and groom walking out of San Carlos Cathedral with their hands together in the air
whimsical bride and groom portraits at their Carmel Tehama wedding

Maggie and Jarod are a couple that will forever be my friend. After their Carmel Tehama wedding, they honeymooned in Kauai, Hawaii before driving back from California to Minneapolis from 11/17-11/20. Before that, Jarod hired me for their proposal and stayed here for few months during the pandemic to work from here from Minnesota. We’ve had SO much fun while they were here. Who knows? Maybe some day they’ll move to Carmel!

Carmel Wedding At Tehama

You already know that Tehama is one of my most FAVORITE venues, not just in Carmel, but of all time! Tehama weddings have a stunning classiness like no other! There’s nothing like the views from the golf course atop the hills of Carmel. There’s such a tranquility and natural beauty of the land that makes it a surreal venue.

black and white getting ready photo of the bride being helped into her dress by her bridesmaid and mom
bride's getting ready suite dressed in her gown
the groom adjusting his watch
black and white Carmel Tehama wedding portrait of the groom
groom getting ready
bride and groom on a walk at Tehama
black and white teary-eyed first look

Isn’t Maggie’s ring STUNNING? I love the suspended solitaire and the gold band. Maggie’s aunt and God Mother is a jewelry designer at Susan Crow Studio and Jarod worked with her to get the ring shipped cross country while they were out in California!

the bride and groom's wedding rings and bands sitting on top of their wedding invitation suite
Carmel Tehama wedding invitation suite details

What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

“Mags is extremely thoughtful, she will attempt to make sure everyone feels heard and concerns are taken care of. She is always a few steps ahead of me.” – Jarod

black and white Carmel Tehama wedding first dance
bride and groom sharing
black and white photo of the bride and groom greeting their Carmel Tehama wedding guests
San Carlos Cathedral wedding ceremony

“Jarod is so in tune with my needs/wants/general state of being, often before she even realizes she needs/wants/is worried about something. He’s always helping me work through it! He always catches me by surprise with acts of service like taking things off my giant never-ending to do list.” – Maggie

black and white portrait of the bride and groom walking together under the arches at Tehama
family member speeches at Carmel Tehama wedding
nighttime Carmel Tehama wedding ambiance
bride smiling at her bridesmaid giving a speech
couples on the dance floor
dancing wedding guests with swirling fairly lights
black and white lens flair portrait of the bride and groom

Tehama Wedding Photographer

I loved every moment of Maggie and Jarod’s Carmel Tehama wedding! From the getting ready to the first look, the family portraits, ceremony, and reception- everything shined so beautifully! Partying all day and night with this awesome bride and groom and their awesome wedding guests was such an amazing time. I’m SO over the moon to have been their Carmel wedding photographer!

Carmel Tehama wedding speeches
the groom dipping his bride for a kiss while their family celebrates at San Carlos Cathedral
Tehama courtyard portrait of the bride and groom
wedding guest dining table suite
fairy lights and elated guests
couples dancing at the Carmel Tehama wedding wedding
dancing groom with a vodka soda in his hand
Carmel Tehama wedding lens flair portrait of the bride and groom embracing
Carmel Tehama wedding dip and kiss portrait
bride and mom dancing the night away

Have you fallen in love with Tehama yet? I’d love to capture your next special occasion there as a local Carmel wedding photographer! Contact me here.

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