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Carmel Valley Engagement Session | Vivian & Ryan

Carmel Valley engagement session portrait of a soon-to-be-groom holding up his fiancée in his arms as they smile with the sun peeking over the mountain behind them by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Vivian and Ryan took a day trip from San Francisco with their dog, Kona, for their Carmel Valley engagement session with Kristin, one of AGS Photo Art’s associate photographers! It was a gorgeous fall day spent with the sweetest, most down-to-earth, and fun-loving couple. No shortage of the cutest photos taken here! The light coming over the mountain was SO golden and beautiful for the shoot. Read on for all the smiles!

couple playing with their dog
kissing couple portrait at Engagement Session In Carmel Valley by film photographer AGS Photo Art

How Did You Two Meet?

“We met in March of 2015 at Vivian’s brother’s wedding and hit it off pretty well but we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye so I asked my friend, JP, for Vivian’s contact info- but unfortunately he didn’t have it. He asked Vivian’s brother for her number on behalf of me but… he refused to give out his sister’s number so for MONTHS we did not see each other and actually thought we would never see each other again! Then, in July 2015, Vivian ran into JP and he mentioned that he’d been trying to get her number for me! He successfully got her contact info and gave it to me. Then, Vivian and I had our first official date while wine and cheese-tasting in Lodi. We have been inseparable since :)” – Ryan

Gotta love brothers not giving out their sisters’ numbers, right? 😉 I love when couples are able to reunite after meeting once and finding that the spark is still there (Vivian and Ryan also apparently have an ongoing debate between Mariah Carey versus Ariana Grande for best voice/pop star). And a first date involving wine and cheese-tasting? Yes please!

man kissing the top of his fiancée's head as she hugs him and smiles against his shoulder

Before The Engagement: When Did You Propose?

“The proposal happened Christmas Day in 2020! The ring was hidden in the tree and after Ryan and I finished dinner with our parents, we gathered around the tree to open presents. Ryan arranged for two close friends to drop by and take pictures. He disguised it as them coming by to drop off “presents”! He had me look for my last present in the tree. Once I opened it, I actually thought it would be earrings because I saw the word “diamond” on the box. When I turned around, Ryan was on his knee and the rest is history!” – Vivian

couple hand in hand walking towards the camera

Engagement Session In Carmel Valley

The patterns on Vivian and Ryan’s clothes were so fun- how can you go wrong with flamingos and speckles? And that height difference? So much to love about this Carmel Valley engagement session from the white gold setting on the ring to of COURSE, Kona the dog! Am I a little biased to say that I love photos of couples with their fur baby? Maybe a little…

Carmel Valley engagement session with dog
black and white photo of a woman's engagement ring on her finger as she holds her fiancé's arm
photo of couple sharing a kiss while holding their dog by film photographer AGS Photo Art

What Do You Love Most About Your Parter?

“Vivian is the most caring person I ever met. She constantly looks out for her friends and family, and always puts them before herself. She’s extremely carefree and never needs much for entertainment, a movie, a drink, and a TON of food, and she’s happy for the night. When she’s happy, I’m happy 🙂 The best thing about her though is her huge heart and her ability to love with everything she has, just not with me, but with anyone involved in her life.” – Ryan

black and white Carmel Valley engagement session portrait of the couple smiling at each other under the trees

“Ryan is such a joy to be around. His fun-loving energy is infectious! He is never afraid to be himself and he really enjoys the simple things in life. It is always so much fun goofing around with him. He is always extremely kind and caring which makes him the perfect partner. We are always laughing when we are together. The way he carries himself is so admirable. I adore the kindness that he shows his family and friends. He is also so hardworking and passionate in his craft, which amazes me everyday. I really believe the best part of our relationship is that we are not only romantic partners, but best friends. I am always excited to come home to him at the end of the day!” – Vivian

couple laying in the grass and smiling at each other during their Carmel Valley engagement session by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Carmel Valley Engagement Session Photographer

I can’t wait for Kristin to photograph Vivian and Ryan’s downtown Monterey wedding on the beach next year in July! I know after seeing their Carmel Valley engagement session, it’s going to be a LOOKER! If you’re looking for a local Carmel wedding photographer, Kristin is top-notch. Reach out here!

couple in each other's arms enjoying their Carmel Valley engagement session

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