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Monterey Surprise Proposal At Sanctuary Beach Resort | Noah & Miloni

floral arrangement by Seascape Flowers; couple enjoying their picnic on the beach

I loved getting to work with an awesome team of vendors to create this luxurious Monterey Surprise Proposal at Sanctuary Beach Resort for Noah and Miloni! I can’t speak highly enough of Pocketful of Plans enough for spearheading this weekend- definitely recommend her going forward if you’re thinking of taking your surprise proposal up a notch!

Monterey surprise proposal picnic details by film photographer AGS Photo Art
Monterey surprise proposal picnic on the beach setup by Pocketful of Plans

How They Met

“We met on our first day of college, moving in for our first day at Johns Hopkins University. Funny enough, we did NOT fall in love at first sight. Noah is the hyper-organized, always punctual type. Miloni is the go-with-the-flow, get there when we are going to get there type. So when she rolled up 30min late to orientation with our dorm floor with a venti latte in her hand, Noah was…shall we say….skeptical. Miloni looked at Noah, and saw this dude with a buzz cut and blender bottle….classic meathead jock. Didn’t really seem like her type. But boy were we both wrong. We became the best of friends, and soon after that became even more than friends. It was the best kind of slow-burn relationship you could ever ask for.” – Noah & Miloni

Pocketful of Plans picnic set up, pink and beige details
couple portaits in Monterey, CA on the sand
couple portaits in Monterey, CA on the sand
surprise proposal with vanilla ice cream and waffle coans

What Do You Love The Most About Your Partner?

“Miloni is the most compassionate partner you could ever ask for. With the biggest heart. And big happy eyes that match every-time she’s overjoyed — making her the most fun person to surprise. That, plus the kindest ambition you can find in anyone makes her perfect. I’ve known she was the one for a long while now, but I made the decision to pop the question in the next year last fall after Miloni and I moved into San Francisco together after 3.5 years of long-distance. We spent the holidays with our families and I asked her parents for Miloni’s hand.” – Noah

“Noah is kind without expectation. He’s kind and always does the right thing, helping people even if they are a stranger — simply because it’s right and he can, and I love that most about him. Honestly, it’s easy to love someone when things are good. Noah loved me when things were hard. He dropped everything when I needed him – and from that moment along I knew he was the one.” – Miloni

Details Of The Day

close up of couple's hands with ring and watch details
floral arrangement by Seascape Flowers and close up of the engagement ring by film photographer AGS Photo Art

One of my favorite highlights of this luxurious Monterey surprise proposal was definitely the picnic on the beach! I loved the pink and beige palette, cozy pillows, and stunning floral arrangements by Seascape Flowers. Plus, Noah’s outfit was so well coordinated with Miloni’s gorgeous blue velvet dress- it makes my Monterey photographer heart so happy! Speaking of outfits, he kept the ring box in his sock! What a stroke of genius! This 18k gold ring from Glennpeter Jewelry is just stunning, don’t you think? I love how the pave diamonds go halfway around! Noah also told me that the prongs are made of platinum for stability and that the diamonds make the prongs disappear into the center rock, giving the effect of a floating solitaire!

Monterey, CA surprise proposal couple portraits on the sand by film photographer AGS Photo Art
Surprise proposal in Monterey, CA picnic details and ring close up
ring in the sand; surprise proposal at the beach by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Ice Cream & Bubbly

couple with vanilla ice cream at their picnic setup
pink and beige picnic set up for proposal
black and white couple portrait on the sand
couple portrait selfie in the sand

It goes without saying that Miloni was SO surprised, not only with his proposal but the extra cherry on top: ice cream! Noah really thought of everything to make this day perfect, and our team of vendors made sure everything came together seamlessly. He got Miloni’s favorite handcrafted vanilla ice cream from Revival Ice Cream and of course, waffle cones for easy, on-the-go snacking! Throw in some sparkling wine from Folktale Winery, as per Kaitlin’s expert opinion, and you have so many sweet details!

surprise proposal on the beach with champagne
sunset surprise proposal couple portraits
beach surprise proposal couple portraits
pink pillows and beige picnic set up with couple and their champagne flutes

Teamwork & Dreamwork

couple portraits at the beach and in the eucalyptus gardens at the Sanctuary Beach Resort
surprise proposal portraits in Monterey, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art
surprise proposal portraits in Monterey, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art

This Monterey surprise proposal was very private and overlooking the water. I’ll never get tired of being a Monterey proposal photographer because of lovely occasions like this! Capturing their smiling faces on the beach as well as in the eucalyptus gardens inside the resort was such a treat! Not to mention working with this amazing team:

Planned by Pocketful of Plans 

Flowers | Seascape

Photography | Me! AGS Photo Art

Venue | Sanctuary Beach Resort

Ice Cream | Revival 

Bubbly | Folktale Winery

If you’re on the lookout for a dream team of vendors for making your surprise proposal perfect, you’ve found it here! Reach out through my contact and let’s make it happen!

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