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Pebble Beach Engagement Photoshoot | Caitlin & Miguel

smiling couple in Del Monte Forest under the trees with light pouring in between the leaves and branches

Caitlin and Miguel hired me for their Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot AND their December wedding in downtown Monterey! I’m SO stoked and can’t wait for their big day at The Barns at Cooper Molera. It’s one of my favorite venues in the area! Having your wedding photographer also capture your engagement session is a great way of getting everyone comfortable with each other and I was really at home spending the day with these two. Read on for this sweet Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot!

Pebble Beach engagement session in the forest with the couple walking hand in hand smiling at each other
Pebble Beach waters
Pebble Beach engagement portrait in the Del Monte Forest

How Did You Two Meet?

“This is a long story that Miguel doesn’t feel like telling so I will LOL! It was in 2015. I was at work on a Saturday night and on OkCupid (a great use of company time if I do say so myself) and I received a message from a very handsome man in Santa Cruz, which happened to be Miguel. The message was long (2-3 paragraphs) and it was obvious that Miguel read my profile and that we had common values. I responded and then sat there waiting to see if he would say anything back. I just felt something that I couldn’t understand. Miguel and I moved from messaging on OkCupid, to texting, to phone calls every night. These phone calls were 4+ hours long! My little sister shared a wall with me at the time and was SO annoyed!

Two weeks after we started dating, I finally felt ready to meet Miguel in person. He picked me up at work (I worked at a homeless shelter in downtown San Jose at the time so it was close to a lot of places). We went to Santana Row for dinner, walked to a coffee shop (where Miguel pretended to like coffee HAH), and then had drinks at San Jose Bar & Grill. The banter and chitchat just kept flowing and we couldn’t stop talking! He also brought me a rose that night that I still have in my bedroom at my parents’ house. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few months later on Christmas in the park and the rest is history!” – Caitlin

black and white Pebble Beach engagement portrait of the couple sharing a kiss
Pebble Beach engagement photo of the couple booping their noses together
Pebble Beach engagement session on the coastline with the couple walking hand in hand away from the camera

What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

“Miguel is hardworking, patient, humble, and kind. I can always depend on Miguel to hold me accountable to my goals and help me reach them. He is my best friend and teammate.” – Caitlin

Pebble Beach engagement at sunset

“Caitlin is beautiful inside and out. Her blend of kindness, sweetness, cuteness, and silliness works perfectly well with me. She is so very compassionate, sensitive, and strong which are all qualities I love and respect.” – Miguel

couple portrait in Del Monte Forest in Pebble Beach
fun and playful couple portrait

Pebble Beach Engagement Session

Caitlin and Miguel and I had A TON of fun hanging out all over Pebble Beach. One of my favorite things as a Pebble Beach photographer is getting portraits done at Del Monte Forest because of the sunshine that drips in between the leaves. And of course, Pebble Beach has all the most gorgeous coastlines too! I loved how their Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot is full of nature and greenery to contrast their upcoming downtown wedding.

cuddly Pebble Beach engagement portrait on the trails
photo of the couple's hands holding each other's

The Proposal

“Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to grow close to Miguel’s family. In March 2021, I moved into an apartment about a mile away from his parents’ house. My first weekend here, after Miguel and I watched church on YouTube (COVID-19 SIP), we walked down to the cove with his parents. His parents have been married for 40 years and have experienced immense loss and hard times together, but have such an incredibly beautiful relationship.

Miguel’s dad shared with me that when he was recovering from being sick a few years ago, he would walk along the cove. Miguel’s parents now eat their breakfast after church in that spot almost every Sunday. After he told me that, Miguel and I started walking down to the cove ourselves. I’m a Starbucks addict and the walk is perfect because we grab Starbucks and sit on a specific rock formation there and watch the waves while we eat.

portrait on the cliffs and shoreline
soft focus on woman's engagement ring as she embraces her fiancé

In May, things were starting to lift in regards to SIP orders and restaurants were opening. Miguel suggested we go on a date after work. He then asked me if I wanted to get Starbucks and walk to the cove before our reservation. We did that, went to sit on our rock bench as always, and Miguel had me stand up and walk towards the edge to look at the water.

At this point, he started to tell me all the things someone would say before they propose, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. He had his cousin taking photos behind us and our sisters and more of his cousins across the cove watching and cheering. It was the best! And I’m especially happy because my Starbucks iced coffee is visible in the pictures!” – Caitlin

Pebble Beach engagement portrait of a sweet embrace

Engagement Photoshoot In Pebble Beach

Caitlin and Miguel have been together nearly six years now. The two of them followed me and trusted my vision as we explored all over the place- wherever I saw beautiful natural light, we would pull over! We also ended up doing beach portraits in Spanish Bay where there’s LOTS of picturesque trails. Caitlin and Miguel are such a playful couple and you can see it in their Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot just how smiley and bright they are together.

couple playing in the water during their Pebble Beach engagement
Pebble Beach engagement kiss portrait

And Caitlin’s RING? Absolutely stunning! I love the look of the pavĂ© and hidden halo. Especially with the red dress she wore as her second outfit for this Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot! Her big earrings were so dainty and pretty. But of course, her smile takes the cake! She and Miguel are definitely so cute for one another.

spinning and kissing portrait on the beach
Pebble Beach engagement portrait on the sand
engagement portrait on the beach

Isn’t their Pebble Beach engagement photoshoot sooo beautiful? If you’re thinking of getting photos done here, I’d LOVE to be your photographer! Contact me here.

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