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Carmel Engagement Session | Zach & Jess

Carmel engagement session landscape photo of the couple looking out at the hills and valleys

Revisiting Zach and Jess’ Carmel engagement session after having SO much fun photographing their welcome dinner party and Folktale Winery wedding back in October made me realize how in LOVE with this couple I am! It’s always a ton of fun spending time with these two- definitely some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met as a local Carmel wedding photographer. They are SO head-over-heels for each other and it really shines in their Carmel engagement session. Read on for all the smiles!

bride and groom embracing
Carmel engagement session portrait of the couple grinning at each other
soft focus of an engagement ring
Carmel engagement session portrait

Engagement Photoshoot With Carmel Mountain Views

Zach and Jess knew they wanted Carmel’s rolling hills and mountain views in their engagement session. I love when engagements and weddings have different settings just for a touch of contrast. Their Folktale Winery wedding was super light, airy, whimsical and romantic with the gardens and vineyards. Their Carmel engagement session is a little darker and has lots of that golden sunset light! The great outdoors lends so much beauty to photos with all the different textures. Sessions outside in a place like Carmel have such a sense of magic to them!

woman's hand over her husband's shoulder as the two smile at each other
woman smiling over her shoulder at the camera while her husband smiles and holds her close
Carmel engagement session in an open field
Carmel engagement session portrait

Carmel Wedding Photographer

Both their Folktale Winery wedding and their Carmel engagement session were such intimate, romantic, joyful and relaxed photoshoots to capture. They’re the kind of dreamy vibe I love to help create through AGS! Zach and Jess are a total AGS couple for sure! It’s such an honor to have shot their special occasions, not to mention a SUPER fun time just getting to hang out with them! I got to meet all their friends and family at their Folktale Winery wedding, which was such a highlight for me as a local Carmel wedding photographer. It’s a kindness I hold so near and dear to me!

smiling couple from the neck down with their hands intertwined
Carmel engagement session portrait
full body couple portrait in Carmel
Carmel engagement session portrait
Engagement Photoshoot With Carmel Mountain Views

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