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Engagement Session In Pebble Beach | Christina & James

landscape engagement photo in Pebble Beach of the couple sharing a kiss with the waves crashing behind them

I photographed Christina and James’ engagement session in Pebble Beach and it was so sweet and fun! Christina and James were born and raised in Pacific Beach and even went to the same preschool. Isn’t that the cutest thing? The two of them are getting married this year in August at Leal Vineyards Winery. The winery is this really charming boutique-style hotel, definitely perfect for an intimate wedding venue. It has a SUPER pretty Mexican-inspired aesthetic too, plus a beautiful courtyard, and a historic mission town feel. I couldn’t be more excited!

engagement session in Pebble Beach
soft focus on woman's engagement ring as she hold's her fiancé's arm
portrait of the couple embracing and smiling

Pebble Beach Photography Session

I’ve actually had the pleasure of photographing Christina’s family members for a few years now! I got to photograph her brother’s wedding, Marco & Nikki, and her sister’s wedding, Victoria & Eric, in the past so her family is really special to me. Christina and James are a couple I’ve gotten to know over time through weddings in their family and I’m just so in love with them! Read on for more of their engagement session in Pebble Beach!

portrait of the couple booping their noses together
engagement session in Pebble Beach portrait
couple hand in hand walking along the trail

How Did You Two Meet?

“James and I have known each other for longer than we can remember! We even went to the same preschool! The two of us didn’t really become good friends until middle school. Then, we started dating freshman year! We both moved to Chico together to pursue our undergrads!” – Christina

smiling portraits of the couple in each other's arms
new groom kissing the top of his fiancée's head
portrait of the couple from their engagement session in Pebble Beach
exploring Pebble Beach hand in hand

What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

“What I love most about James is that he makes every day feel like an adventure. Even though we have been together for so long he still makes me laugh and feel youthful like when we were in high school.” – Christina

sandals and sneakers exploring Pebble Beach

“What I love most about Christina is that we are able to have fun together no matter what we are doing. Christina can make me happy even if I am doing something I don’t want to do. She usually has a positive attitude and keeps me in check to make me a better man.” – James

cuddly portrait in Pebble Beach on the rocks
cuddly engagement session in Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach Engagement Session

Their engagement session in Pebble Beach was SO fun to photograph! Christina and James have been together for nine years now and have the cutest dynamic. Their pictures practically took themselves! I loved getting to spend the day with them on the coastline. The portraits of them playing in the water are so sweet!

engagement session cuddles in Pebble Beach

Tell Me About The Proposal!

“We got engaged at Christina’s family’s lake house in Lake Tulloch. It was on Memorial Day in 2021. We were up there with her whole family and went to a local restaurant. I proposed on the dock right below where her family was sitting so they all got to see me propose. She had no idea!” – James

sharing a kiss in her bride denim jacket
playing with the waves in Pebble Beach
engagement session in the water at Pebble Beach

It’s an incredible honor for me to have photographed Christina and James’ engagement session in Pebble Beach. Having photographed Christina’s siblings’ weddings makes this engagement session in Pebble Beach all the more special to me as a local Pebble Beach photographer. Capturing special moments and life events of multiple people in a family really means the world because it shows how much they trust and value my work. I can’t fully express how grateful I am to know that!

Pebble Beach Engagement in the water
Pebble Beach Engagement on the sand
Pebble Beach engagement ring

Looking for a local Pebble Beach photographer for your next occasion? I’d love to capture the day in dreamy film for you! Contact me here.

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