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Pebble Beach Proposal: Cameron and Lauren

Today I’m sharing a Pebble Beach proposal story that was exciting for the couple and their families! It’s so sweet to witness when families are genuinely excited for the couple. There’s a great joy as a local Monterey proposal photographer seeing a family celebrate just as much as the bride to be at our Pebble Beach!

Engaged in blue Pebble Beach
Happy Family at Pebble Beach Engagement

About the Couple

Engagement Ring and Couple Portrait Beach
Pebble Beach Proposal
California Couple Portraits in Blue
Casual Romantic Beach Proposal
Casual Beach Couple Portraits Pebble Beach
Casual Couple Portraits Beach Session
Couple Portraits at Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach Surprise Proposal
Casual Couple Proposal at Pebble Beach

Cameron and Lauren are the sweetest couple. When Cameron reached out to me, he knew exactly what he wanted for the proposal. He send me a very detailed e-mail with the location, time of arrival, dinner reservations, and custom maps that show where the proposal location would take place! It was SO refreshing to see a man know provide every single detail. One of the things he noted was: “I will make sure to have her facing you when I start the proposal”. His preemptive planning meant that I was able to focus on photographing the sweetest moments!

The Proposal

Beach Engagement Pebble Beach California
California Beach Surprise Proposal
Surprise Beach Proposal 17 Mile Drive Pebble Beach
Surprise Beach Proposal Pebble Beach California
Pebble Beach Proposal and Wedding Ring
She Said Yes Proposal California

Cameron and Lauren began walking on the beach, and you could see that Lauren immediately sensed the proposal. Rose petals formed a heart on the sand and lanterns dotted the area he was proposing. It was so romantic! Both of them were smiling from ear to ear; neither could contain their excitement.

Family Watches Surprise Beach Proposal

Cameron knew that family was important to them, so he invited his family and her family to wait in the van during the proposal. After Cameron proposed, they both were elated. They were so happy in that moment. And then…

Family surprises bride at proposal
Family Surprises Bride at Proposal Pebble Beach
Surprise Beach Proposal Excitement
Family Hugs at Surprise Proposal Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach Proposal with Family

Lauren’s mom came out of the van that was overlooking the beach. Lauren’s expression when she saw her mom was pure joy! Both families came and hugged to celebrate the joyous occasion. They all popped champagne as I captured the happiness. It’s obvious their family is so close; every picture is so sweet and full of love.

Champagne Toasts Veuve at Pebble Beach Engagement
Popping Bubbles at Surprise Engagement
Happy Toasts at Surprise Proposal
Cheers at Surprise Proposal Pebble Beach


One thing that I loved about photographing this Pebble Beach proposal, other than how sweet and well thought out it was, was how involved and excited the family was! It’s so special to see the joy in two families uniting, and it’s a privilege to capture that joy as their proposal photographer. I love it when my couples are close to their families!

Engagement Photos Pebble Beach California
California Wedding Proposal
Surprise Engagement with Family Pebble Beach

Do you know someone doing a surprise Pebble Beach proposal? As your local Monterey photographer, I’d love to be a part of it! Reach out here.

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