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Small Business Spotlight: Engaged and Inspired

Office Details AGS Photo Art

Today we’re continuing our series on Small Business Spotlight, and today we’re focusing on Michaela Caul from Engaged and Inspired! Michaela is so down to earth, remarkably professional, and has great style. We bond over a love for our couples, Carmel’s best restaurants, and our enjoyment of wine. Read on to learn about Michaela, how she customizes each wedding to her couples, and her bridal tips.

Michaela Engaged and Inspired Carmel Wedding Planner

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business!

I lived in NY for a little and moved to Carmel Valley. My parents had a restaurant in Carmel and Downtown Carmel for 16 years. Hospitality is in my blood!

I took over this business a little over a year ago. I used to work for Engaged and Inspired and the opportunity came up to purchase the business so I jumped on it. It was kind of crazy! It was a dream come true, but it was a crazy first year!

The second season is in full swing and we are branching out a lot more. Since we are local to the area, we can service our local brides and destination brides better. My hope is to book weddings at various venues and work with more local vendors.

Engaged and Inspired Office Tour by AGS Photo Art
Michaela office tour by AGS Photo Art
Michaela Engaged and Inspired Wedding Planner
Small Business owner portrait Engaged and Inspired by AGS Photo Art

What are some unique experiences that made you realize this is what you want to do? 

Since I was raised in hospitality and have a background in theatre, I feel like this is exactly what I should be doing. It combines all of my passions to one career!

At the Office Engaged and Inspired
Office Decor Engaged and Inspired
Engaged and Inspired Invitation Suite Office
Engaged and Inspired Office details

What does Engaged and Inspired offer that is unique? 

I receive a lot of feedback about our events, and the one I hear repeatedly is an appreciation for my calm approach in wedding planning. It’s so easy to get caught up in the decisions and stress, but I find that my laid back style is my strength.

Additionally, since I’m local to the area, I have strong relationships with other vendors. I know what restaurants to recommend without looking up Yelp, and I know what local events may be happening during event days.

Michaela Enaged and Inspired Found Rental Catalog
Office Details Engaged and Inspired by AGS Photo Art
Mood Board at the office Engaged and Inspired
Michaela owner of Engaged and Inspired by AGS Photo Art Portrait

Trend loving right now or that you want to see in 2020? 

I love when I see couples infuse their personality into weddings in highly creative ways. One of my couples had a stand up mixer with food stations instead of a formal dinner because that wanted to elongate that cocktail hour vibe. I’ve seen some couples gift each guest a handwritten note to each person! Some have redefined escort cards to be pictures of the guest with the bride or groom. It takes more time for production but these highly customized points create a special element of the day.

Michaela Engaged and Inspired copper details
At the office Engaged and Inspired Bookcase details
Carmel Valley Wedding Planner

What is a bridal tip you’d offer to brides as an event coordinator?

For the couples trying to nail down their design and inspiration, look for ideas in other places than Pinterest. Pulling ideas from a book. SO many designs are recycled from Pinterest, so it’s good to pull inspiration from other sources.

Carmel Valley Wedding Planner Engaged and Inspired
Michaela portrait Engaged and Inspired

What is a fun fact about you?

I grew up doing plays and theatre! It taught me to have composure in stressful environments and love the production.

Thank you, Michaela!

If you want to follow Michaela, here’s her Pinterest, Instagram, and website.

If you want to be featured as a small business spotlight on our blog or want to book me for your wedding, reach out here.

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