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A Photographer’s Ultimate Tips & Tricks for Photographing in Small Spaces

Photographing in a bridal suite

Photographers, do you ever see the space you’re shooting in and cringe because it’s a small space? Using the wrong lens can make your subject look distorted, and I have definitely made a couple of mistakes from my past experiences. Here are a couple of my tips and tricks for photographing in small spaces:

  • Have a wide-angle lens (not an ultra-wide, but a wide lens). For instance, in my camera bag, I have a 24mm wide-angle lens. It’s wide enough for most scenarios and you have little distortion around the edges. 16-35mm is great, as long as you stay away from 16mm. 24mm and 35mm are my go to’s.
  • Sweet Spot. This refers to the aperture of your lens. Every lens has a sweet spot. I highly recommend researching each of your lenses to see what that spot is on your lens. For instance, the sweet spot on a 24mm is f2.8-f3.5.
  • Make sure when shooting in a small space that you have your subjects away from the edge of your frame. If they’re on the edge of the frame, they could be distorted.
  • Don’t carry a lot of equipment with you. Try to be as minimal as possible. In a small space, there’s probably limited space in the room to begin with, so only take what you need. You don’t want to photograph your own gear by accident; you have to be mobile.
  • Less is more. Have only one person inside the room, less gear with you, one lens on you, one flash with you.
  • If possible, try to move around that room so it looks bigger than it is!

Okay, so these are my top five tips for photographing in small spaces! My last one, which is a little silly, is to wear leggings to give yourself more flexibility to move! What are some tips you’d offer? I’d love to hear!

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