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Photographer Tutorial: Troubleshooting with Lighting

This is the first of many series for photographer tutorials. Lighting is one of my favorite topics! So many people are afraid to talk about it or touch it, but below is a full checklist for you to use if you’re struggling with troubleshooting lighting. See below for all of my technical tips if your off camera flash is misfiring.

Scenario 1: Off Camera Flash is Misfiring

Troubleshooting: Batteries

  • Check batteries and replace batteries if needed
  • Make sure all four batteries match
  • Make sure all batteries have the same mAh power

Troubleshoot: ETTL or Manual setting?

  • ETTL is automatic for your flash
  • Manual means you are controlling the output

Troubleshoot: Check the Power the Flash is at

  • What power setting are you on?
  • Full duration? Half power? 1/32?
  • Full power requires 2-3 second recycle time
  • 1/32 will recycle instantly
  • Half power will take one second to recycle

Troubleshoot: ISO

  • The higher ISO you are, the less work your flash has to do
  • The lower your ISO, the more work your flash has to do

Take a deep breath

At the end, be sure to recenter yourself and take a deep breath. It’s okay if you need to move forward and revisit the issue at a later time. It’s okay to view your image and analyze your situation.

Have you guys experienced this in the past? Tell me about it in the comments below! Want to learn more? Feel free to also contact me here.

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