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Monterey Photographer Postpone or Elope in 2020?

This seems to be the question nowadays for some weddings that just truly cannot wait. I’ll admit, couples have some tough decisions to make right now. Today I want to talk about some options for those couples who are really having difficulty deciding what to do. Postpone or elope in 2020?

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You’ve been hearing myself and many other wedding industry professionals say, “Postpone, don’t cancel!” The reason for most of us is that we want to see your hard work and vision come together just as much as you do! We’ve all put time into your day happening. But mostly, our couples have so much tied into their day, it’s hard to hear them say they are canceling. It breaks our hearts! We’re in this industry to capture those special moments and celebrate with you! My end goal is to see you walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life. I love to be a part of this incredibly special moment in people’s lives. It just makes my heart happy!

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So let’s talk about what postponing looks like. Postpone your wedding if you’re okay with waiting. Push it back, take a break from the stress, and wait for things to sort out. If it was me, I would probably wait a little bit longer. My vision would be to celebrate with friends and family and to have that amazing wedding day I planned for. It would be a win-win. I get to enjoy my “engagement season” a little longer, and I’m still with the person I love!


All the hard work couples invest in their wedding is so apparent when I’m there photographing their day. From the meal to the flowers to the tiniest details, seeing the end result is so worth the wait, even if the wait is a little longer than planned.




Let’s talk about another option that you may not have considered yet. I mean you could have your cake and eat it too… What about eloping and THEN having your celebration later?! Some couples really want the marriage part to happen now, and I totally respect that. What if you two escaped for a quick getaway (now that things are slowly opening up)? It could be a short road trip to a place like Big Sur. You could say your vows privately and in a special place. You could still have a photographer present to document a few hours of your time together. It can be another layer to your story! City halls are another great option!


I know it’ll feel so good to be married! Then all you have to do is wait for that celebratory weekend with your friends and family! I’m not saying you don’t have to have a ceremony then, you absolutely could! I understand that couples want to have the ceremony in front of their loved ones, and you can totally do it again! I feel like this could be a great option for couples who want both! Marry now and celebrate the way you envisioned later!


I know there are so many factors that play into what decisions couples are making right now. I completely understand. If postponing or eloping doesn’t sound like the right fit for you two, intimate weddings are a sweet idea too! You can still have your wedding, just with fewer guests.


I hope this helps you weigh your decisions during this tough time. I would love to document your sweet intimate wedding or elopement! There are tons of amazing locations here in Big Sur, Monterey and Carmel for a beautiful ceremony and portraits. Connect with me here if you want to learn more!


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