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Getting ready: must-have photos for him

You’re recently engaged and taking the next steps to find your perfect vendors. You’ve got the venue booked, and now you’re on to the next most important thing on your list–your wedding photographer. There are so many options out there these days and before you choose, you’re looking at tons of incredible inspirational images and making a list of those must-have photos. Whether he knows it or not, you’re already making a list for must-have getting ready photos for him. And he’ll love you for it!

As a photographer of over 15 years, I have a pretty good idea of what everyone wants for their photos. If you’re a photographer like me, you’re in-tune with your couples on their day and not asking too much of them, but watching them closely and waiting for certain things to happen naturally. If a couple has a shot list, that’s great! It’s a good thing to have when finding that photographer that matches your wants and style of your day.


Hanging out

Let’s be honest, it’s what guys do best! They’re with their best friends and future family members, it’s comfortable, and the environment feels right. I love photographing this part because they don’t even look at you. They are so consumed with what’s happening around them or what they’re watching and that’s great. They are immersed in their present time, they’re in their element, and it’s a beautiful thing to photograph. These are must-have getting ready photos of him that are unseen moments and so fun to look back on. The groom’s vibe is usually a little nervous, excited, and slightly emotional.


His details

It’s all about the details! No really, it is! These small items that we call “details”: shoes, socks, flasks, rings, vow book–are so important. These are the things he decided he wanted to feel great on his day. These are the vows he’s chosen to say to her in his own writing, and this is the ring he’s wearing to represent his love for her – powerful. Okay, but socks? Guys like their cool socks too. But as a photographer, you know what I use these images for (besides giving them something to remember)? I use them TO TELL THEIR STORY! This section of the day helps start their story for their wedding day when designing their album. It helps the viewer put everything together and “read” their love story.


The finishing touches

I love to slightly direct our guys on where to stand, (by a window of course), but after that I let them do their thing. The groom getting dressed with the help of the best man or father is priceless to watch. It’s a moment that both of them have been waiting for and nobody wants to say it. It’s an honor to help our best friend or son look their absolute best on their wedding day. The smoothing of the collar, the cufflinks, straightening of the jacket, and a pat on the back. I don’t need to say much during this time, I just watch and capture a special moment happening.


Who has the rings?

I always photograph the rings being passed to the best man. I don’t know if I’m cheesy or if I do it for insurance purposes–haha, I’m kidding! No, it’s a beautiful symbol of the next steps of what’s about to happen. The groom is passing over something dear to his heart to his best friend for safekeeping.

The portrait

Okay if you know me even the littlest bit, you’ll know that the portraits are a very special thing for me to photograph–both bridal portraits and groom portraits. Most weddings these days couples are choosing to do a First Look, which is awesome! This allows so much time throughout the day to photograph, have back up plans and so on. Read here for my take on why couples should do a First Look. The groom’s portrait is usually the last few minutes before he gets to see his bride. At this time, I really like to have quiet time and just let them process what’s going on and get excited as he thinks of what his girl looks like. There are so many emotions during this time, and I love to watch it all take place.


I hope this helps with your shot list of must-have getting ready photos for him. If you have any questions, contact me! I’d love to help you plan your wedding day! Stay tuned for more posts about other must-have images to include in your shot list!

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