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Something New: A Sheep Themed Wedding At Mission Ranch Hotel! | Alexa & Matt

Want to know how to choose a unique wedding theme in these days of Pinterest, Instagram, and incredible editorial magazines? Choose a detail that is significant to your wedding and integrate it as a theme. In this post, we’re going to explore Alexa and Matt’s sheep themed wedding in Carmel.

A perspective from the pathway of the Mission Ranch Venue. There is a picket white fence that lines the photograph and divides the dark A Frame venue from a grassy meadow. The sky is faint blue in the background.

Alexa and Matt’s wedding was elegant and rustic chic. Tucked away in Carmel, CA at Mission Ranch Hotel is 22 acres of beautiful landscape, including a pasture with sheep, a beautiful barn, a local’s favorite restaurant, and expansive hotel that all overlook the pristine blue Pacific Ocean.

Wedding Vibes

First, Alexa’s gown has this classical cathedral veil that blew gently in the wind as she walked down the ceremony aisle. After the ceremony, she switched out her veil for these soft and romantic floral crowns for her reception.

On the left is a bride in a long white wedding dress with a short lace train getting buttoned by her mother in a blue navy dress as the bridesmaids watch. On the right side is a close up bridal portrait of a bride looking down. Her dress has a scalloped lace trim that is off the shoulders, her eyelash extensions are accentuated, and her blonde hair falls naturally down her face.
Six women in blush pink floral robes hold champagne glasses in front of different shades of BHLDN wedding dresses. Anthropologie inspired picture as they all toast and smile.
On the left is a blush flatlay background with numerous details on top. It has a white invitation suite with a tiffany blue ribbon tied around the invitation. Earrings are on top of an envelope. The bride's shoes are placed artfully on two opposing corners of the frame. On the right photo is differing shades of pink long formal dresses next to the wedding dress. The hangers are all personalized.
On the left a bride with blonde hair braided into a bun looks outside. Her dress is white with a scallop design and hangs just off her shoulder. She holds a floral bouquet. On the right is a picture of the floral bouquet close up. There are white daisies with blue flowers and greenery.
A groom's wedding band in a Mrs. Box on a baby blue plaid napkin. They are both resting on a blush pink linen background. A mother helps her bride dress.

Next, rose gold chairs, long candles, and a soft color scheme from Chic Event Rentals filled the barn reception. Above the tables were floral chandeliers and low hanging Edison light bulbs. Fleur Du Soliel created all the incredible florals.

Wedding reception with green garland chandeliers, low Edison light bulbs, copper chairs, and round white tablecloths. Detail shot of the vintage silver candlesticks and long white tapered candles lit.
Gold plate setting with a white linen and an escort card calligraphied by Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy. White hydrangeas and pink roses floral centerpieces. Gold mirrored table numbers.
Escort cards lettered by Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy are in center of the frame resting on a white linen and gold charger. A wooden wall with wedding reception table details.
Chic and country ambiance. Green garland chandelier hangs above the sweetheart table with a Mr. and Mrs. wooden cutout on it. The right picture is a long wooden uncovered table with long tapered white candles and low hanging Edison bulbs.

An escort card wall greeted guests as they entered the reception. Each of their names hung on a string, which directed them to their assigned table. Many guests were gasping in awe at how entrancing the reception was by Robin Sevrina Events. The room filled with warmth and love all evening; tears were shed during the speeches, and Alexa and Matt were beaming throughout the night.

An escort card wall by Chic Event Rentals is displayed with guests pulling their names from the wall.

Special Wedding Moments

One of the most remarkable moments of the day was when Alex and Matt had their first look. It was such an emotional moment for each of them; they were about to marry their best friend.

Bride and Groom first look where they are surprised
Groom with navy blue suit and grey bowtie has a white ranunculus boutonniere. Bride and groom hold each other smiling with her hand on his chest.
Bride and groom hold each other smiling. She is wearing a blush and white rose patterned floral crown. They are holding hands on a green lawn next to a white picket fence.
Groom kisses bride's forehead while holding bridal bouquet. A custom wooden wedding sign that is propped against the ceremony chair reads "Welcome to our forever Alexa and Matt September 29, 2018"

Unique Wedding Details

Their wedding venue had sheep grazing the property, so Alexa and Matt integrate a sheep theme into their wedding:

  • The Wedding Cake
    • Sweet Rebas created a wedding cake that had two sheep as cake toppers and cookies that were in the shape of sheep
  • Fun Socks
    • Matt and the groomsmen wore socks that had a sheep pattern, and their photo booth had sheep ears for props.
  • Sheep in the Ceremony
    • All of the sheep flocked to the ceremony site and sat opposite from the audience as if they were watching the wedding, too!
Groomesmen show their sheep patterned socks next to a flock of sheep.
Wedding ceremony with the officiant with the pale blue sky in the picture as guests watch.
Bride and groom exit the ceremony hold hands as bride raises bouquet with her right hand
A greenery shaped dog is wearing a sign that says "My Humans are getting married!". Bride and groom are walking in green lawn happily.

Another notable detail is that Alexa and Matt love their dog, Crosby, but was not able to bring him to the event. Instead, they had a fern set up as decor for the ceremony with a sign in honor of Crosby, which is who their reception cocktails were named after!

A tall wooden sign depicts various arrows with destinations to go for a wedding. Red flowers surround the sign. Two small boys hold two wedding signs in front of wine barrel pots.
Guests raise their glasses for a toast. The bride holds a microphone smiling as the groom is clapping.
Dessert bar of lemon meringues, cupcakes, and a cake with two sheep on top. One sheep has a bridal veil.
Reception details of a wooden bar with candles and an "A&M" sign in the background. Lemon merengues sit on a plate.
Wooden bar holds up the initials A&M and the bride and groom cut their wedding cake.

Ready to plan your own unique wedding theme? Click here to inquire about working together on your next event!

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