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Tips and Tricks: Everything You Need To Know About Family Portrait Sessions


We’re continuing our series on family sessions. So far we’ve talked about how to choose a location and what to wear. Today we’re offering three tips and tricks to make your session go as smoothly as possible! These Family tips and tricks will help you prepare for your family portrait session for the season!


1. Prep Your Family

We know that it can be tough to get the whole family on board and excited for family portrait sessions. They can feel more like a production than spending quality family time together. Something I like to suggest to my couples is to be sure to communicate with each other and to the kids why this is an important event. I think that when partners turn to each other and say, “I know this is out of your comfort zone, but this is important to me,” it can make a huge difference.

Checking in on each other beforehand and during the shoot can also be beneficial. “Is there anything I can do to make this more comfortable?” is a question couples can ask each other to help affirm that they’re on the same team.


2. Come Prepared

Sometimes all it takes to be prepared and make someone feel more comfortable in front of the camera is bringing something from home! Whether that’s the puppies, a favorite toy, or a cozy blanket from the living room couch–feel free to bring it all! I love integrating the home life of the family into the photoshoot.

Also, feel free to bring snacks! Sometimes what can help with a successful photo session are some tasty treats. Depending on the length of your session, breaks can be built in to make sure everyone feels comfortable!


3. Don’t Stress

One of the best things I’ve heard my clients say is, “We’re going to go with the flow and not stress our kids out.” The parents didn’t tell their kids to smile at the camera and didn’t push the hair out of their faces. They just started playing with their kids and did things they knew would make them laugh. Letting loose of expectations is an awesome way to create really beautiful images.

I love capturing movement in photographs, so to keep the kids and family engaged, I encourage everyone to keep moving. This means we might walk from one location to another, or I encourage the parents to interact with their kids by picking them up or jumping. We like to do whatever the family needs to get their wiggles out and feel free!



At the end of the day, a quality photographer will capture great shots of you and your family. It’s important to have great images, but it’s also more important to look at the images and remember the joy of taking them. The goal is to create and capture memories!


If you enjoyed these tips and tricks, I would love to hear from you! I would also love to photograph your next family session! Contact me here.

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