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Surprise Proposal At Bernardus Lodge & Spa | Cody & Melanie

surprise proposal in Carmel Bernardus Lodge and Spa with French bulldog by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I loved getting to spend the day with Cody and Melanie for their surprise proposal at Bernardus Lodge & Spa! Bernardus is easily one of my favorite venues to photograph at as a local Carmel photographer. I feel right at home capturing love stories there! It adds such an intimate and charming touch to the session. Read on for Cody and Melanie’s surprise proposal at Bernardus Lodge & Spa!

How Did You Meet?

“We grew up in the same town and went to the same middle school but didn’t meet until high school. After high school when I would be back in town from college is when the spark was lit. I love how selfless she is, always trying to do things for others, and loves her friends as family. It’s hard to pick one thing she does to make me laugh, we are always laughing.

Both of us show and receive affection through acts of service. We both love to do things for each other and we truly appreciate every little thing we do for one another. Also, spending quality time together. Rather than physical gifts, most gifts we give are actually trips to new places together because we love to wine taste and enjoy good food! She’s a big foodie and she’s turned me into one as well. Travelling is also one of our favorite things to do. I love how we can just be ourselves and be weird together!” – Cody

rose garden proposal under the trellis

I love asking my couples this question because it really tells me what your dynamic is. Cody even admitted that the two of them will be full blown crying and that he’s as much or more of a softy than Melanie. I made sure capture those precious moments he insisted on. One of them, of course, being when she first realizes he’s proposing, and the kiss that follows! I also loved capuring the look on her face when she saw her friends & family who came to cheer the two of them on!

couple portraits under trellis in Bernardus rose garden. couple hand in hand walking down a path

Planning The Surprise Proposal!

“Melanie and I have been together for three years, and we’ve talked about wanting to get married for a while now. We both decided that a 2021 engagement made the most sense, but she has no idea it is happening this soon! Carmel has always meant a lot to us. It was where we first spent an over-night trip together and that was also the time I told her I loved her. I knew I was going to propose early on in 2020, and started getting to work on the plan and figuring out what ring styles she liked. I’m planning to propose under the trellises in the walkway of the Bernardus rose garden.” – Cody

surprise proposal portraits in Bernardus rose garden in Carmel

I’m a firm believer as a local Carmel photographer that stories like this really add to the magic of the day. When my couples have a special meaning attached to the venue we’re having our session at, you can see it in the photos!. Way to plan ahead, Cody!

The rose garden in Bernardus is such an enchanting spot. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the venue as a local Carmel photographer! I love the style of Melanie’s ring with the oval-cut diamond and the rose gold band- so romantic!

close up photo of Carmel surprise proposal ring, black and white couple portrait under trellis at Bernardus Lodge and Spa by film photographer AGS Photo Art
black and white Carmel surprise proposal portrait at Bernardus Lodge & Spa by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Looking for a local Carmel photographer? I’d love to capture your surprise proposal at Bernardus Lodge & Spa, as well as any other location you’re dreaming about! Contact me here and say hello!

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