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The Perfect Surprise Proposal at Pebble Beach | John and Jessica

Couple laughing, shot on black and white film by AGS Photo Art

I cannot tell you how excited I was to be John and Jessica’s surprise proposal photographer! It all started with John’s inquiry. I knew from the way he spoke about her that their love was bound to last. Looking over their photos now, it’s plain to see that their love is totally Hallmark movie-worthy. What’s more, John is an FBI agent – how cool is that?! Shh, you didn’t hear it from me. Read on to hear about their perfect surprise proposal at Pebble Beach!

Pebble Beach Engagement Photographer

Wining and dining at Spanish Bay

John took his future fiance out to a classy dinner at the gorgeous Spanish Bay where they dined and enjoyed their four-course meals. Then, he suggested walking it off and going for a stroll along the coast, where he planned to pop the question. While there’s no linear or correct path to proposing, I’d say he did it right!

Newly engaged couple holds hands for photoshoot
Man proposes to his new fiance and she says yes

Taking in Pebble Beach’s beautiful scenery

I’ll set the scene for you for this perfect proposal at Pebble Beach: It was a vast white sky, overcast (perfect for even lighting – every proposal photographer’s DREAM). Lush green fields surrounded the area around Spanish Bay, and down by the beach stood coastal rocks along the sand and sea of California’s Central Coast. The waves were steady, and the wind blew through the hair of our two love birds, happier than ever.

Pebble Beach proposal photoshoot

Getting down on one knee

From our phone calls and emails leading up to the special day, I could tell John wanted to be as prepared as possible for this beautiful beach proposal at Pebble Beach. I made sure beforehand that John knew exactly what he needed to do, and what to expect from me. So when the time came to get down on one knee, and all the moments leading up to it, he radiated confidence. I couldn’t tell he was nervous at all!

Square cut 1 carat diamond with halo adorned yellow gold band

Ok – but the RING!

It was such a special moment when he pulled out a stunning rectangular radiant cut diamond with an 18k yellow gold solitaire band. It was clear he put a lot of thought into it all, from the engagement ring to the dinner to the atmospheric coast. Jessica was SO surprised and of course, said yes! It truly was the perfect surprise proposal at Pebble Beach.

Couple kissing with camera focusing on diamond ring

A match made in heaven

They just paired together SO well. Immediately after this tender moment, they were already being goofy and bursting with laughter. It’s always refreshing to see a couple who doesn’t take life too seriously and can be light-hearted with each other. I finally made my appearance known (I’m great at blending in!!) and Jessica looked elated. The only thing that could make this moment better was sharing her surprise with family! 

Man picks up his new fiance and twirls her as they both laugh, shot by AGS Photo Art in Pebble Beach, California.

Surprise, surprise!

This whole day was ‘advertised’ as a family trip in celebration of John finishing his job training. But Jessica realized now just how much thought he put into planning. John knew he wanted to bring Jessica and their families here to celebrate their love ever since he first saw its natural beauty in late 2019. After a few years, he knew they were both ready. 

Air Force Ones Wedding Day Sneakerhead Groom

The Most Stylish Proposal at Pebble Beach

After sharing their true happiness with their loved ones, we took off to take some more portraits of the newly engaged fiances. John mentioned to me that he’s an avid sneaker collector – he wasn’t kidding! Check out this sweet detail with Jessica’s initials on his Air Force 1’s.

Family photographer in Pebble Beach, CA

Ready to pop the question?

What a blast, and such a wonderful turnout. It is such a special time to capture candidly, and it takes the right experience and know-how to nail those shots! That’s where I come in. If you’re ready to propose and need a proposal photographer, contact me here. Whether your vision is in Pebble Beach, Carmel, Big Sur, Monterey – you name it, I’m there!

Pebble Beach Engagement Photography shot on black and white BW film

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