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Tips and Tricks: Wedding Details Bag

Wedding Details Bag ags photo art

I can say with a photographer’s certainty that flatlays are one of the most popular must-have photographs from weddings. They are a collection of bridal or groom details which are photographed on a flat surface. Typically it includes the invitation suite, some pretty ribbons, and a couple of florals. The flatlays that AGS Photo Art loves to focus on not only showcase wedding details, but also tell the story of the couple. Read on for some key pieces for wedding details bag checklist.

bride and groom details pink linen
custom invitation suite and vows pink linen mrs. box
bridesmaids dresses on custom hangers and groom details

For the Bride

wedding bag essentials
bridal details shoes heirloom
letterpress invitation suite with bridal details
bridal shoe and details pink suede birman shoes

Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories can include the shoes, jewelry, the veil, and anything else the bride will be wearing on the day of her wedding.

custom invitation suite big sur river inn and rings
big sur river inn invitation suite and bridal shoes
something blue invtation suite and velvet blue shoes
Blue invitation suite and ring
AGS Photo Art invitation suite flatlay
AGS Photo Art invitation suite flatlay deckled edges
Bridal accessories with invitation gold and black
Bride and groom accessories with invitation gold and black
golden details and bridal clutch wedding bag essentials
invitation suite with bridal floral crown and ring
the mrs. box invtitation suite

Invitation Suite (2 copies)

Since most invitation suites are double-sided, we recommend bringing two copies of the suite. This helps photograph them simultaneously.

Jimmy choo bridal shoes and invitation suite
bridal bag essentials invitation suite and jimmy choo shoes


Next are the vows! Vows can be photographed as is or tucked inside beautiful vow books! At the end of the day, it’s important to customize your pieces so they are reflective of you and your wedding.

personalized vow book
bridal shoes and bouquet

Flowers that represent your bouquet

Because we don’t want to pull any flowers from your bouquet, it’s always good to ask your florist to give you extra loose flowers from the bouquet that can be displayed on the flatlay. By integrating flowers from the bouquet, the flatlay colors and style are cohesive and reflective of the wedding in photographs.

bridal accessories on lace
bridal accessories and heirlooms

Ring and Wedding Band

Another thing that’s super important for the wedding is to make sure the rings are cleaned beforehand! This is a simple thing to overlook, but since these images of the details last forever, it’s important to make sure the ring looks its best.

bridal ring and something blue shoes wedding bag
wedding bride details ring and shoes

Ring Box

One thing people love right now are purchasing The Mrs. Box for their wedding rings! You can definitely do that, or bring the box the ring came in, or the ring can be on its own. It’s totally up to you!

vow books and ring the mrs. box
ring and shoes the mrs. box miu miu shoes
Pink The Mrs. Box and wedding gown

For the Groom

groom details with custom socks
wedding bag essentials groom details
Love notes on wedding day for the groom
groom details and flatlay
groom details with custom vow books
groom details black and white wedding bag details

The groom’s list is the same as the brides, except he will have groom accessories to bring (shoes, socks, watch, tie or bowtie, boutonniere). On this list would include anything engraved and even love notes. Any other details that the groom wants to integrate into his photos are welcome!

The Most Important Items

custom watch shinola detrole groom details
love notes on wedding bag details
vow books custom wedding details
first date tickets wedding bag details
customized heirloom for bride wedding details bag
custom bridal details

As I mentioned earlier, AGS Photo Art focuses on the story of the couple. Ultimately, any photographer will tell you the same list as above, but things that I love to integrate are objects that help shape the couple’s story. For instance, this can include first date movie tickets and family heirlooms. Really, anything that makes the relationship unique should be included in the wedding details bag, really. By integrating these details, it brings more meaning to each photograph. In other words, it tells the story of what brought the couple to their wedding day.

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