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Ventana Adventure Surprise Proposal | Justin & Alexa

portrait of the couple embracing and smiling at each other

Had the sweetest time photographing Justin and Alexa’s Ventana adventure surprise proposal! The two of them have been together for about a year-and-a-half and are still SO head-over-heels for each other. Their reactions and expressions were pure gold and excitement. It’s honestly infectious! Alexa was really surprised the moment she realized what was going on. She was all “Oh my gosh, what are you doing? What are you doing?”! Read on for all the smiles!

portrait of the couple after their proposal
Ventana adventure surprise proposal in action

What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

“I was introduced to Alexa by one of my best friends who works at Google with her. Cue the Amazon ‘Alexa’ jokes. I love her jokes and funny dances, and she has this super self-deprecating sense of humor that always makes me laugh. Alexa has this unassuming nature and extreme empathy juxtaposed with her being the most beautiful, most intelligent, and most successful person I’ve ever met. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to propose to her, especially after she lived with me for a few months and still loved me, but I wanted to perfect the setup- the ring, the location, the surprise.. everything.” – Justin

portrait from Surprise Proposal At Ventana
portrait seconds before popping the question at a Ventana adventure surprise proposal

Surprise Proposal At Ventana

Justin told me how Ventana just seems amazing and the perfect place for his Ventana adventure surprise proposal to Alexa. As a Ventana photographer, I couldn’t agree more! Especially with the ring he chose for her! I LOVE three-stone rings, and the platinum setting is just gorgeous. Talk about a dream ring! We already know how obsessed I am with photographing at Ventana so getting such an awesome combination of venue, couple, and ring? I’m so lucky to have been their Ventana photographer.

Ventana Surprise Proposal - she said yes!

Alexa is the funniest and kindest gal ever and told me after Justin popped the question that she’s been trying to marry him since day one, and then Justin insisted that he’s been trying to marry HER since day one! It doesn’t get better than that for this Ventana adventure surprise proposal. (Well, throwing in popping a bottle of Taittinger champagne to celebrate definitely helps!).

down on one knee in Ventana, Big Sur

Ventana is SUCH an amazing venue for special occasions- surprise proposals, engagement sessions, weddings, etc. You can’t go wrong here! I always jump at the chance to be my couple’s Ventana photographer and I’d love to be yours! Contact me here. I’d love to make your Ventana adventure surprise proposal a reality!

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