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A Beautiful And Classic Pebble Beach Engagement: Sarah & Drake

landscape photo of couple under a clear blue sky at Pebble Beach by film photographer Ags Photo Art

My time with Sarah and Drake for their beautiful and classic Pebble Beach engagement was a delight to photograph! Firstly, I was over the moon to get to work with them after a previous bride, Morgan, (Sarah’s best friend!) recommended them to me. Secondly, these serendipitous connections to my couples really fill my heart- Sarah and Drake are such a darling duo!

side by side solo portraits of the couple in the forest

Sweet Serendipity And Doing Life Together

Like I mentioned above, Sarah and Drake were recommended to me by a best friend. When these lovely coincidences occur, it allows me to be more deeply intertwined in aspects of my couples’ lives. Ultimately, the three of us had these depths in our interactions when we first gathered in my office at The Cottage. Getting to talk with them about the highs and lows that come with doing life together and being each other’s person really sealed the deal for me that these two are an incredible pair of wonderful people!

close up photo of the woman as her fiancé kisses her cheek, side by side with another photo that's a close up of her engagement ring

First Stop: Del Monte Forest

For starters, Sarah was inspired by previous engagement sessions I’d done in Del Monte Forest, so that was our first stop! I love the trails of tall Cypress trees and how the sunlight filters in through the leaves. Sarah and Drake’s blue, white, and beige color palette gave their classic and beautiful engagement session such a softness that I just adored!

smiling couple portraits in the forest with sunshine trickling in through the leaves
couple smiling into each other eyes side by side with another photo that's a close up of her engagement ring on her fiancé's shoulder
a close up photo of her engagement ring as she places her hand on her fiance's chest, side by side with another photo of the couple walking through the forest

Their Beautiful And Classic Love Story; How He Proposed

“We talked about getting married previously, but Drake wanted the proposal to be a surprise. He had a few ideas of where and how he wanted to propose… Ultimately, he chose Spyglass Hill Golf Course as this was the location where we first exchanged looks. It was more difficult to come up with a legitimate reason to get Sarah to the golf course. Drake asked her to go to Spanish Bay to watch the sunset on Saturday, December 1st, 2018. He was so nervous on the morning of this day! He confided in two of his coworkers to talk through his exact plan. Drake was still unsure exactly how to get Sarah down to the first tee at Spyglass.

As the afternoon rolled around, it was time to get ready to go to Spanish Bay to watch the sunset. When leaving Carmel to head over, Drake decided to take the “scenic route” through the Del Monte forest. This route would pass right by Spyglass Hill on their way to Spanish Bay. Approaching Spyglass, Drake said, “Do you mind if we stop by the pro shop – I want to see if they have this sweater I love?” (Drake was previously the Retail Sales Supervisor at Spyglass Hill). Drake pulled into Spyglass and the two entered the Pro Shop around 4:00 pm. Browsing through retail items, Drake grabs a driver and tells Sarah, “I want to hit a tee shot for old times sake.”. So he grabs a driver and a tee to head down to the first tee, telling her to follow.

Drake puts the tee in the ground and Sarah asks, “do you even have a golf ball?”. This was when he grabbed her hands and replied, “no I do not, I brought you here for another reason.”. And the rest is history!”

– Sarah & Drake

photo of rocky and white sandy shoreline overlooking the blue waves of Pebble Beach with a portrait of the couple smiling at the camera while in each other's arms by film photographer Ags Photo Art
couple in each other's arms standing on top of the rocks of Pebble Beach with the waves crashing behind them; a close up photo of the couple sharing a kiss with their arms at each other's waists

Wrapping Up On The Rocks At Pebble Beach

To conclude our session, we had the grand finale at Pebble Beach. As a local Monterey engagement photographer, I love capturing the rocky and sandy coastline here! Sarah and Drake’s photos are so classically beautiful and soft. I love the way they look at each other with the waves rolling in the background. Ultimately, I’m so happy I was able to photograph your beautiful and classic Pebble Beach engagement, Sarah and Drake!

couple touching their noses together and smiling side by side with a photo of the rocky shoreline of Pebble Beach by film photographer Ags Photo Art
sandy rocks of Pebble Beach next to a portrait of the couple in each other's arms by film photographer Ags Photo Art
landscape photo of couple embracing on the rocks of Pebble Beach staring out at the ocean by film photographer Ags Photo Art
landscape photo of groom kissing his bride on her temple while they stand on the rocks of Pebble Beach with birds flying and waves crashing in the background by film photographer Ags Photo Art

Would you like to have your engagement photographed at Pebble Beach? This local Monterey engagement photographer is your gal! Contact me here and let’s get started!

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