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Carmel Beach Engagement | Morgan & Bill

Engagement photograph of Carmel couple standing on the docks with their foreheads touching and many boats in the background by film photographer Ags Photo Art

Morgan and Bill’s Carmel Beach engagement make them the PERFECT Monterey couple when it comes to their maritime photos! Everything from their thematic blues (which really is their signature color!) to their adorable Frenchie, Olive, made their engagement session a delight to photograph!

side by side solo Carmel Beach Session portraits of the couple in a white lacy dress and dark sports coat by film photographer AGS Photo Art
Engagement portraits on the docks of couple holding their French bulldog, smiling at each other with scrunched noses
couple's Engagement portraits surrounded by blue waters and tall sailboats by film photographer Ags Photo Art
Monterey couple on the docks, hand in hand by film photographer AGS Photo Art
close up of a French bulldog in a sailor jacket with a black bowtie, her tongue is out and she's looking at the camera

Best Friends’ Sweet Serendipity

What really added to the sentimental factor I have for Morgan and Bill is that Morgan also recommended me to one her best friends, Sarah, for her engagement session! It’s such a serendipitous honor for me to be able to photograph for two best friends and their fiancés. Recommendations like these and the connections that follow really warm my heart!

couple looking out at the sailboats on the dock then kissing in Monterey
Monterey couple with their French bulldog on the docks, smiling at the camera by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I love these shots of them on the dock. Nothing says Monterey like Bill’s blue sports coat and Morgan’s lacy white dress- especially with Olive and her adorable little sailor’s jacket! Photographing couples and their fur baby is always a joy. By all means, paw-rents, your fur baby has a spot in your photos with you!

portrait of couple crouching down with their cute French bulldog by film photographer AGS Photo Art
couple leaning in to kiss their adorable French bulldog by film photographer AGS Photo Art
couple posing on the docs side by side with a close up photograph of their French bulldog at their feet by film photographer AGS Photo Art
close up photo of couple's French bulldog side by side with another portrait of the couple embracing and smiling at the camera by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Their Champagne Love Story

“William wanted to propose before we left on a trip to Florence, Italy, and had the date of March 1st identified for a long, long time. However, as weather goes the extended rainy season was throwing a wrench into his original plans so we decided last second to go with the same proposal technique his Dad used for his Mom. We were at our house the night before our trip to Italy having cocktails before we headed to dinner with our parents. He was insistent that he severed everyone their champagne, not me. I thought this was odd but I went with it. When he turned the corner with my champagne glass I knew something was different. I looked in the glass and saw the ring. He then got down on one knee and the rest is history!” – Morgan

black and white couple portrait with the groom kissing the bride's temple by film photographer AGS Photo Art

The Perfect Spot For A Carmel Beach Engagement Session

Morgan is a bride who is really on top of her game- she’s in tune with exactly what she wants and doesn’t want, and communicates that to me so well. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all! I was really appreciative of our similar styles and how we were always on the same wavelength. She had the exclusive location for their engagement session already booked. Since she and Bill are avid golf and boat people, Carmel Beach was the perfect pick!

couple walking on the docks, hand in hand then embracing and looking into each other's eyes

Morgan and Bill absolutely fit together like puzzle pieces! They’re a power couple through and through. Photographing their love story on the docks really captured how well they complement each other with their giggly smiles and embraces.

couple with blue and white themed outfits on the docks side by side with their all navy blue outfits on the rocks at Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach Engagement Session: Beautiful Blues

Once we got to Carmel Beach, they switched up their outfits for this STUNNING deep navy blue suit and gown. This shade of blue really is their signature color in my eyes as a local Monterey photographer. Their photographs on the rocks and sand give their Carmel Beach engagement session such a classic and nautical vibe. Like Morgan mentioned earlier, champagne is a key element in their love story. I loved getting to raise a glass and toast to their engagement!

navy blue suit and dress couple embracing on the rocks at Carmel Beach by film photographer AGS Photo Art
barefoot deep navy blue suit and gown couple with champagne flutes and bottle on the sandy Carmel Beach rocks by film photographer AGS Photo Art
His and Her shoes on the sandy rocks  at Carmel Beach with a yellow champagne bottle, close up of her ring while the couple embraces by film photographer AGS Photo Art
portrait on the rocks at Carmel Beach of Monterey couple in a deep navy blue suit and gown by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Let’s cheer this couple on as they say their I Do’s this month!!

Do you have a Carmel Beach engagement session coming up that you’d like a local photographer to capture? Contact me here and I’ll make it happen!

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